The Resurrection of Jesus Refutes Islam

Islam claims to be the truth. But the clearest and best-supported miracle in history is the resurrection of Jesus. Hence, since Christianity is confirmed by a miracle, and Islam isn’t confirmed by evidence of any kind, the resurrection of Jesus refutes Islam.

The Gospel written by humans and not divinely revealed? The same Gospel which contradicts itself over the crucifixion? This has got to be a joke.

Youre so Lost. Capital L. Mistakes in the Quran? I CHALLENGE YOU right now to mention the tiniest mistake in the Quran. And I will show you that the real mistake is that you dont want to accept the truth. Because youre arrogant. Peace be upon Jesus son of Mary and the beloved final prophet Mohammed. Looks like Islam will haunt you forever :slight_smile:

Where is there proof anyone by the nane Jesus resurrected? I mean with all the awesome historians of the time dont you think that news would be pretty fucking important to pen down?

Jews also reject the assertions that Jesus was the Messiah. They assert that he was an impostor. Muslims believe that Jesus was a Prophet from God. Jews are still awaiting for the Messiah. So as between Jews and Muslims, who is nearer the Christians in belief; the Jews who call Jesus a conman or the Muslims who honor him as a Great Prophet of God? The Christians “love” of Jews and hatred of Muslims/Arabs is nothing short of Racism.

So basically you’re saying ‘don’t believe this magical book it’s not true, believe THIS OTHER MAGICAL BOOK, it’s much more true, believe me’

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If the idea of Salvation according to Christians is correct, then what about the billions of people who were born and died before the Crucifixion of Jesus? If sin was erased after Jesus’ crucifixion, then are all the people before Jesus (including the Prophets) going to hell forever?

Did he claimed to be God?
A. No

Did he said he’ll die for the sins of the world?
A. No

Did he claimed to be a divine?
A. No

We do have evidence of Jesus Christ resurrection “THE SHROUD OF TORRIN”. Thank you GOD, MAY HE BLESS YOU ALL!

Jesus is Lord, forever, I believed in him… He is the way the truth & the life everlasting…how I loved to share testimonies to testify that JESUS IS GOD, HE’S WORD IS TRUSTWORTHY IN TRUE! FOR IN HIS NAME ALONE THERE IS MIRACLE… THE VISSION HE SHOWED ME, HE’S WORD THAT I HAVE HEARD. ITS NOT BY HUMAN BUT BY HIS SPIRIT. IF ONLY PEOPLE COME IN HUMBLE THEMSELVES BFORE YOU!

more muslims should be invited to watch these videos but may I ask what is the biggest evidence for jesus resurrection

can you guy,s do one about the only miracle that muhameed supposedly did,why was it done at night,who saw it,and why do you think he choose a flying donkey(my thought is cause jesus rode in on a ass to fufil prophesy,muhameed had to one up him,kind off)but the point being,thousand upon thousands seen jesus,s miracles,who saw muhameeds,and if he was a prophet what did he prophesise.thank you so much for you video,s.they attack a cancer, that not only denies christs sacrifice,but also demeans him, which in no way is acceptable to me…god bless and peace to all who seek it…

Muhammad denied that Jesus is the Son of God; he denied His crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection, but then claimed that his revelations confirmed previous scriptures. I think that all of Muhammad’s ‘knowledge’ about Jesus came from Gnostic sources, such as him fashioning a bird from clay and breathing life into it. My favorite of Muhammad’s revelations is where he says that Jesus preached from his cradle. lol

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You are aware that there were alternative methods to atone for sin, prior to Jesus right? The other prophets would atone for their sin by these alternative methods, however their methods were not the best way sin could be atoned for. Thus we have Jesus, the best and purest way for sin to be atoned for.

Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:
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Rajvir amen

@Rajvir these “alternative methods” to atone for sins were put up by who: Satan or God? If by God, how can you be so naive and blasphemous to suggest He put up something that was not good? Didnt Adam, Abraham, Abel, Jacob, David, Job etc attain salvation??

@Robert Ali Bogere Hi Bogere, I didn’t say those methods weren’t good, they simply weren’t the ultimate perfect standard of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Everything that God had put in place, whether by animal sacrifice under the old covenant, or his extension of mercy without a represented sacrifice, needed it’s fulfillment in Jesus at the cross.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins. It was to show his righteousness at the present time, so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.”
Romans 3:23‭-‬26 ESV

Have a wonderful day, may the Lord lead us all in his paths of righteousness in love.