The Rich, Educated Jihadis of Bangladesh (David Wood)

The attack in Bangladesh once again raises the question, “What causes jihad?” Politicians and the media often answer this question by claiming that jihad arises from poverty and lack of education. The Bangladeshi jihadis, however, were wealthy and well-educated. It seems we must search for the source of jihad elsewhere. In this video, David Wood examines Muhammad’s claims about martyrdom to understand why rich, educated Muslims would throw their lives away to kill in the name of Allah.

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I highly doubt if you can even pronounce ‘Bangladesh’ correctly, or point the country out in the map. So instead of being an armchair critic, do gather some knowledge.
Secondly, the terrorists who terrorized the cafe, Holy Artisan, were as much corrupted as their Christian counterparts. I hope you are well aware of European colonialism, it’s inherent companions racism and genocide. Also the two world wars, which were not started by persons who went to the mosque.
Most of the theists are to be found in the Muslim-majority countries. The West should try its best to alleviate its debauchery-loving society through Christianity (which I highly doubt they can) instead of spreading fake news, propaganda and hate speech.

Most dangerous cult in the world.

I promise you who ever is an enemy of Bangladesh shall be eliminated by the power of the one and only creators plan! Keep ur nose out of it. Thnks

You liar

U know nothing about Bangladesh stop telling these shits

Dear GOD🙏, I come to you with my problem. I am horrified that all those good people are all going to feel the weight of GODS WRATH FOREVER😭
PLEASE send them proof of JESUS or something LORD🙏
Your will be done not mine👆

Its true Allah is a Trader like Muhammad himself or maybe Muhammed being a trader put his thoughts into words and spread as Allah’s

3:27 They just wanted to escape hell and have a place guaranteed in heaven after a lifetime of partying, drinking alcohol and sexcapades. This is a truly sad religion: committing atrocities you would not have committed otherwise against people that have not wronged you in any way, shape or form and whom you PERSONALLY don’t have anything against just so Allah would forgive your past transgressions. This is truly beyond tragic.

Hi, David. Could you please let me know how I can contact you? Could you please forward me your website? Thanks

I am from Bangladesh and I approve this video. This is True information.
Quran is a very very dangerous book.

They are cowerd can’t fight a war, but take pride in killing unarmed Innocent civilian.

Climate change???, Lol

Love you Dr David Wood. You are the best​:fist::heart:

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When i was student in ksa school…a male islamic teacher slapped me twice to the point i fell to the ground just because i didn’t learn certain surah🤷‍♂

I am pretty sure those ignorant bangladeshi terrorrists never even read bukhari.
I am bangladeshi and i know more or less how people here falls in these groups. One of my friends (former) got connected to them. We knew that something is fishy but we never had any evidence. Currently he’s in police custody, getting interrogated and investigated. As i know now he probably was in charge of some sort of online propaganda activity.
I am an atheist who was born and lived all my life with muslims even i can’t directly point to the religion itself as cause. It’s complicated. It’s not the sacred texts that draws people to killing people cuz radical stuff can be found in bible too. Bigger culprit is the attitude of people toward the religion. Like christians, most muslims never even read quran (reciting is different, they just pronounce the things they don’t understand arabic in bangladesh and almost no one have bengali translated quran)

Lack of knowledge of arabic knowledge. Islam never order to kill any innocent human being muslum or non-Muslims. Translation and original text are not the same.

NONSENSE…I’m from Bangladesh and this video is a lie!!! David wood
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