The Sacrifice of Kenji Goto (Jay Smith)

Kenji Goto was a Japanese video journalist who converted to Christianity in 1997. The media widely reported his death at the hands of Islamic State jihadists. But the story of why he traveled to Syria is a much deeper story of love and loyalty. Kenji laid down his life in an attempt to rescue his friend, Haruna Yukawa.

memorable martir

those sick Isis terrorist killing for a bullshit evil cult call Islam created by a pedophile !!!

A couple of days ago, a member of a congregation closely related to the one I am in (although in another country), went to Syria to preach, and was martyred a couple of days ago. If history turns out as bad as it looks like, these people will only be the first of many. Although, God wins in the end, there is a rough road ahead. My friends, will we succeed to stand the trial by fire and trust in God as we face prosecution, torture, crucifixion and a gruesome death, and not give in and deny our Lord and Savior, probably one of the greatest temptations we will ever face?

Kenji Goto was a Christian

Great video
R.I.P christian brother

I know you have no idea what happened in Japan when the IS vid was released and which Christianity organization he belonged to. It is my poor English that I cant explain enough. But you shouldnt pick up him as your normal Christian. And lastly thanks to all your vids. I am now on full alert against Islam.

This explains a lot.

Thank you very much i just hope the other one accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and had time to repent. May God strengthen both family.

And now Kayla Mueller. They are with God now.

It seems that ISIS is losing faster than expected. Their only superiority that is left is in cruelty and barbarism.

I believe, Kenji was led by The Spirit and tried, to talk about the Saviour Jesus Christ,to his lost friends for the last time, before they went to eternity, …death is inevitable to all human life,.but when you are born again by The Spirit of GOD , you may say, ;death where is thy sting,…???

Does Jay Smith have his own YouTube channel? if yes, please provide me the link.

“No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.”

  • John 15:13 -

Kenji hasn’t been executed. Stop that kind of narration cause he wasn’t subject of the court. He has been murdered.

he being a Christian followed the example of Christ. This is the great difference between Christians and Muslims. When a Christians murders innocent people in the name of Christ, something that is almost unheard of, but even if you take the worst abuses say of the Crusaders. When they slaughter they are acting against their holy scriptures and the example of their Christ. When a Muslim slaughters non-combatants he is following the Holy Quran and the example of the Prophet (piss be upon him). Most people that don’t know about either religion seem to think that all acts of violence against the innocent are acts that contradict their religion but it is not so. ISIS is upholding the Quran and the so-called prophet (piss be upon him).

I don’t think it’s been established that he was shot down by ISIS or rather the plane crashed and he ejected.

Thank you jay for sharing with us, that Love our Lord and savior.

Thank you for sharing.
Praying for his family and loves ones,

Thank you for that Jay. What a tragic yet beautiful example of Christianity is, and what Islam is most definitely not.