The Significance of Jesus' Resurrection

Jesus predicted that he would rise from the dead. His resurrection thus confirmed his claims about his identity and mission. In this video, Reverend Sule Prince and Dr. Tony Costa discuss the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

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What evidence is there of a) Jesus existence and b) the resurrection?

Yet without His birth what would make My Lord My God any different then any god that died and was raised again. His birth, death, and resurrection all define each other such a way that without each the other two become near to worthless. However the three together makes Him altogether Worthy!

Ezekiel 13:9-14:23

I feel like the only reason u guys continue to preach this is cuz u will not have a job anymore .i can’t believe even u guys believe in this shit

How can u take yourself seriously

Christianity is a fake religion. I can prove it !!

Regarding the significance of His Resurrection, at about 4 min. mark he says, “therefore Christ brings purpose to the world”. He also states many other reasons before & after that one yet NEVER states one of the biggest! He even reads the verse containing this,and then stops before reading it! The significance of His resurrection is because "if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet IN your sins. (1 Corinthians 15:17 emph. mine), which means, WE ARE NOT IN OUR SINS. Something, sadly, most of Christendom does not acknowledge.
Regarding the historicity of Jesus & the illogic of dying for a lie, again, this is missing the entire point of why He died. History does not inform us of truths that will not be wavered from even in the face of death - the very Spirit of Jesus does. And, as far as folks dying for lies goes, has anyone checked out something called Islamism lately? They take the lie of communism one step further by not just being tank fodder , they VOLUNTEER to be the ordinance launched at their enemies.

This video is great. Very refreshing and insightful. Like the comparisons and discussion topics!

If someone dies and resurrects without having paid my sin it would be worthless.
The sacrifice of his holy blood is still more significant then his resurrection. His resurrection is “just” the supernatural sideeffect and confirmation of being the spotless lamb of God, sinless and the chosen Messiah.
Glory to God.

Happy Easter Brothers!!!
Good job brothers! I pray God almighty upholds you and your homes firmly to the end and uphold you all in the hollow of His mighty hand in all ways in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Please pray for Muslims to have the Holy Spirit open their mind and heart that they might see THEY CAN BE FREE FROM SIN!

GOD bless you guys …thank you Dr. Wood

Muslims prove the historical fact of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and its impact on the world when they try to deny that it happened.

the resurrection of Jesus gives us eternal life.

Christianity is the biggest sham in the world.

Whether he did or not is less important than that it is written and believed through faith and this is what has lasted over 2000 years and why it was the greatest sacrifice; to die for a message that would last beyond his life and death. Jesus died to send a message of the importance of sacrifice. Jesus only had two commandments and the second requires personal sacrifice and through sacrifice you assure a place in Heaven: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” and the practice of the 7 personal sacrifices assures you keep this commandment:

The 7 Sacrifices
Gula (Gluttony)
Luxuria (Lust)
Avaritia (Avarice/Greed)
Superbia (Pride, Hubris)
Ira (Wrath)
Invidia (Envy)
Acedia/Tristitia (Sloth)

Believing that Jesus died for our sins removes personal responsibility from the individual.
Hell is what you leave behind…
and heaven too.
It is what you do today, did yesterday
and are yet to do.

Your sins and sacrifice last beyond your death and this is Jesus’ message to you.

Friendly reminder to the Christian:

Blood is thicker than ink.

yo,watch your language

And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Marium, the messenger of Allah…
But We say: Surely they killed Jesus Christ, Son of the living GOD and buried Him, but on the 3rd day He was raised from the dead, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on Him. Be not faithless, but believing. REPENT YE and BE SAVED!!!