The Social Justice Movement, Cultural Marxism, and Islam (Tony Costa and David Wood)

David Wood and Tony Costa were LIVE discussing social justice, cultural Marxism, and Islam.

#SocialJustice #Marxism #Islam

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How is he able to speak in Canada without being labeled as hate speech

coudenhove-calergi plan

Death to commies.

Both sides have the motto: if you don’t like my principles, I have others.

David, Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory which comes from Cultural Bolshevism, originally a Nazi conspiracy theory. It’s literally the same except with Marxists instead of Bolsheviks, and America instead of Germany.
Be very careful, this type of rhetoric leaves you one step away from fascist talking points.
In fact, Marxism in its purest form is incompatible with say, LGBT and feminist activism because it believes that ONLY class struggle is relevant on a communist revolution. Any pure Marxist would say those things are irrelevant

Athiest just don’t understand religion reinforces my already installed moral code. I don’t get my moral code from faith.

Let’s be careful not to mask movements against actual injustices as Marxism.
For example;

The White Christian community in America did not support MLK and the plight of African Americans, because they kept their head turned from the realities of racism and white supremacy.

Yes, Push away hyper-demands from outlandish SJWs, but don’t forget about the REAL injustices we face.

I do love when atheists say “I’m better than you because I base my moral code on my own framework, not that of an imaginary deity” without realizing that their moral framework is almost invariably based on the laws of the society in which they live, which if it’s the West, is deliberately modeled after Judeo-Christian ethics.

I think its funny that these so called “christian” version of islamists are bashing islamists. I agree that islamists need to go, but so does evangelicals.
I am pretty sure that in the end both Islam and western “christianity” will be banned, at least to force onto others. I want to see a world were its illegal for religous people to show force their religion, “convert”, “witness” or what ever you want to claim their attempt to expand their nasty, filthy pyramide scheme is. Also its clear that these two in the video, are white-supremacists and not “christian”!

I am Anti-sharia.

Not islamophobic.

I’ve also noticed an uptick in anti Jewish comments and overall sentiment on social media. Comments from both men and women! It’s so blatant anymore.

I love how David singles out and educates the stupid people from the chat, and encourages them to work hard to try to stop being so stupid. It’s very charitable of him to do that for these stupid people.

Isn’t it interesting that in Islam - it is said that the most of the inhabitants of hell is women. Yet, those men that are on “the other side” - get 2 houries each, and 70 females taken from the hellfire because of their desirable looks. That is - for every man on the good side, hell is deprived of 70 females. Scientifically there is similar amounts of many males and females in a population (unless it is tampered with, and yet if it gets skewed as in China, it still does not make it even to a 2 to 1 proportion situation) - so … let’s do some math. You have a population of 7 thousand males and 7 thousand females. Since each man on the good side has 70 females each, the maximum number of men there can be 100, and that will lead to all the females being on the good side. - and 6,9 thousand men ending up WHERE? Does Allah simply gender change all the 6,9 thousand of the men into being women?? - but then, is it really true that the most of the inhabitants of hell is women? - isn’t it rather men who has been degraded to be like a women… - still Islam has a problem.

David, whats the best way to contact you. I have a debate I would like to discuss with you.

Social justice does not empower. It creates a society of victims and divides everyone into group identities

I typed in cultural marxism and it brought up stuff about jews

Im a marxist Leninist. I dont see how jesus would like capitalism. He was for the poor

The way that David bobs his head and looks intense when he’s listening with those headphones reminds me of the briefing room scenes from Starcraft 1. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Raynor for some reason haha.