The Spirit of Ramadan

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On the first day of Ramadan 2017, jihadis in Afghanistan blew up 18 people. CNN, reporting the attack, insisted that the jihadis were opposing the spirit of Ramadan. But if Allah commands Muslims to wage jihad, and Ramadan is a time for reflecting on Allah’s commands, how can terrorist attacks be opposed to the spirit of Ramadan?

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Aku sayang ibu ayah kamu​:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::+1:

Momo’s brownie points scheams.
thou shall not commit adultery, … but upto 4 wives + slaves is ok.
fasting is …postponing your meal timings.
pray in the streets where you can anoy everyone.
no eating pigs but you can live like one with weekly bath.
idolatry is a sin… but face the black stone and pray because that stone will save you by speaking on your behalf

The 10 Best Things of Islam:
10 . The certainty that God loves you.
9 . Clear moral guidance and rules that exalt the best of our human nature, as we are made in the image of God, such as

  • do not kill,
  • do not steal,
  • do not lie,
  • do not commit adultery,
  • do not covet your neighbor’s wife or possessions,
  • forgive those who wrong you.
    8 . A sanctified institution of marriage;
    which is the indissoluble union of a man and a woman;
    in which husband and wife become one flesh,
    are equal, and are both commanded to love, honor and respect one another.
    7 .The promise of eternal life in loving union with God.
    6 . A command from God to love your fellow human beings – i.e. to want them good – and to live in peace and harmony with them all, irrespective of their sexual orientation, faith, race, gender…
    5 . A command from God to even love your enemies, i.e. to want them good!
    4 . The certainty that God loves every human being as a father loves His children, irrespective of their faith, sexual orientation, gender, race…
    3 . A command from God for you not to judge others or punish them, but to forgive them; because if anybody deserved punisment, God will punish them, not you.
    2 . Beautiful and rich religious rituals which are celebrations of life, are meant to glorify and give thanks to a loving God, and are thus full of joy and are often accompanied with marvellous chants and wonderful music.
    1 . A role model Who you can follow with your eyes closed, because He was pure and committed no sin; so in following Him you can make no error.
    Well, to be precise: these would be the ten best things of Islam if they were actually things of Islam, but they are not. Not at all.
    None of them is a thing of Islam.
    But they are all things of Christianity.
    These are some of the good things of Christianity.
    Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
    In Jesus you will find truth, love, beauty and eternal life.

I thought during Ramadan the Muslims say that the devil is chained throughout the period…

You should glorify christianity but you always speak bad things regarding Ialam and its Prophet then it’s ok!
Hypocrisy at the best!

Only one religion standing, others are just observing surrender.

The fruit of ramadan as opposed to the fruit of the Spirit is “…bad spelling and poor grammar.” Lol :joy:

And let’s Burn a quran :joy:

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If this is your example, Muslim people, to the world you need forgiveness it seems, and a saviour. :rofl:

David… You are a f#@k!n* (censored) Legend ! :ok_hand::muscle::heart::v::pray:

Abacadabra translates to Alakazam ! :broom:during R" " " :crescent_moon: (censored)

Has anyone done a video about the “night of power” craziness? How praying at the right time is worth a thousand times more for some reason. Why waste your life on your knees then?

Happy Ramadan!!!


What is up Past D-Wood future D-Wood sent me here. The apostasy of Islam has become an Avalanche and they have admitted there is holes in the narrative.

agreed. I have to listen to a super annoying mosque nearby day and night. Can’t stand this month.

The worst fasting I have ever seen…:rofl: must be the inbreeding.


Ramzan actually teach people’s how to eat food like some hungry pig what a holy month :fu: