The Strasbourg Christmas Market Massacre (and the Cowardice of the Media)

Muhammad said, “I have been made victorious with terror.” Nearly 1400 years later, jihadis continue to strike terror into the hearts of infidels. On December 11, 2018, a young Muslim named Chérif Chekatt shouted “Allah Akbar” as he opened fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, killing and wounding many. Meanwhile, Western media sites such as the BBC and Sky News take orders from the Muslim Council of Britain on how to word their headlines. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Main stream media’s a complete joke.

Can you imagine if this happened with a neo Nazi? If the media refused to mention the motivating factor and that he was wearing a swastika?

Do you think it would be on the news if he shouted
Anything about jesus christ before killing people
:thinking::thinking::thinking: It would be on every TV channel for months

Facts!! Did he say it or not? If he did then report it.

this was 2 years ago, after this hatun situation, i am beginning to wonder how many attacks have been covered up or not spoken abiut by the media?

Allah hu akbar is a password to get 72 virgins​:joy::joy:

Then: United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.
Now: United Sultanate of Great Britainistan & Northern Irishstan.

If the goverment don’t want the news use the words “Allahuakbar” they have to tell to the terrorist don’t screem it.

When British Labour Member of Parliament Jo(anne) Cox was murdered in the street in 2016 by a white British anti-immigrant extremist shouting ‘Britain First’, no one objected when the media prominently reported his words as a possible indication of his motives.

I’ve recently watched some videos of a Yale professor of the Golden Age of Islam was just in love with how wonderful this “golden age” was. Islam is like socialism, it crumbles when it runs out of other people’s money.

Strange how they did not pay any attention to the slavery going on during this period. Strange.

الله و اكبر .
Alah( و)and ) ( akbbre means big )
Mean Alah and he’s partner .
Or Alah و akbbre…
My question to all Muslim
Alah and akbbre
Akbbre than who .
لله و اكبر
أكبر من مين

الله و اكبر.
Alah (و) و) (أكبر يعني كبير)
يعني الله وشريكه.
ام الله واكبر …
سؤالي لجميع المسلمين
الله وأكبر
أكبر من من.
لله و اكبر
أكبر من مين

2:21 -The shooter was a man, hence TOXIC MASCULINITY ! :)))

He could NOT have had a gun. Nobody can get a gun in France because guns are ILLEGAL in France.
Similarly, nobody could have obtained alcohol during Prohibition in the USA, since alcohol was ILLEGAL.

Some people are just stupid enough to believe the preceding statements.

I’m muslim and let me tell you
All of this alahu akbar bullshit started sense 9/11 because alqaeida and isis and the idea spread all around and became in the minds of desperate uneducated people
And Saudi Arabia played a big role funding and supporting these ideas back then
For Now this idea of blowing your self up and killing people is getting out of the muslim mind and only 9% or less still believe it

The three “M’s” need to go if Europe stands a chance; Merkel, May and Macron.

You can scream Allahu Akbar all you want, if you don’t have Jesus Christ you’re done for. Believe what you want hell has room.

Mo hammered ism
Jesuit invent

Blessings from Brasil brother David!!