The Trinity in the Old Testament (Anthony Rogers and David Wood LIVE)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers will be LIVE at 8:00pm discussing the Trinity in the Old Testament. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion!

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I miss these live streams of Anthony and David together.

Butchering Judaism will not absolve you of butchering Christianity.

You guys rock. Thanks so much for such great defense of Truth!

TRI-UNITY (TRINITY) is deductive argument from premises and it’s the name.of conclusion.

if i say “1 person in 3 person” or “1 being in 3 being” then it’s contradiction but if i say “1 being in 3 person” then it’s not contradiction.


Can you please create a playlist for the listeners of Anthony defending the trinity. I created one thru searches, but I am afraid I somehow don’t have all of them. Maybe Anthony can load them to his channel which makes it easier to find them since he does not have that much content. Thanks for considering🌞

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that “God the Son” entered creation. It says “God” entered creation. God made Jesus and put his Spirit in Jesus. (Colossians 1:19; 2nd Corinthians 5:19). And he called Jesus his Son. There is one God. Not 3. In John 1:1-14 it says the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh. So God spoke Jesus to existence. I don’t know why trinitarians find that so hard to understand. I became a Christian by reading the Bible by myself. And when I read it it was obvious that there is One who sits on the throne. Not 3 people.

All Stephanos questions are typical Mohammedianism manifesting as questions. If a Mohammedian has so many questions, why do not you pose such questions at Islam?

Points to trigger questions.

  • Mohammed had no witness of Gibril meeting him. Absolutely none!! How do you believe his fabrication?

*Gibril never introduced himself as Gabriel as he did in the Bible!!

  • Khadeeja or Aiysha never saw Gibril or Allah!! It was a conspiracy by Mohammed.

  • No Arab or even a cat or owl saw Mohammed splitting the moon.

  • Mohammed was illiterate. How did he know about Injeel and Tourat?

  • Was pig evolved or created by God? If the latter, why Allah wants to kill all pigs?

  • Why Allah waited until 622 AD to appear as Mohammed to tell Christians that Christ did not die?

  • Why Allah airfreighted Issa to heaven clandestinely while his disciples were unaware about it?

  • Why Allah did not help Jews and Romans to produce the dead body of the dupe died in the cross?

Hahah… Violently subjugate that Like button… Lol

Plurality of person “Let us” could mean anything between 2 to infinity . How do you conclude it to be exactly 3?

On the account of the resurrection: Did Jesus have a tomb? All accounts seem to be pretty clear that his tomb was found empty, however this is quite odd for a crucifixion victim. David missed the final part of crucifixion, the denial of a proper burial. Victims were either left on the cross to be picked apart by birds or sometimes thrown into a mass grave if they really started to stink. Meaning that if Jesus had been buried it wouldn’t have been in a tomb to be found empty, his bloodied, bruised, broken, and rotting body would have been thrown into a hole in the ground with a few dozen other bloodied, bruised, broken, and rotting bodies. It’s unlikely that even Mary would have been able to tell him apart from the others.

So this means that either the Roman’s took a lowly Jewish rebel who they had mocked, beaten, and given one of the worst punishments imaginable and let him be buried in a tomb OR (the more likely answer) the gospel lied! Invalidating it as the word of God. There are plenty more examples like this that Christians just seem to ignore but I think this is the most glaring example.

I challenge ANY Christian to rationally explain the trinity without committing heresy. You can’t do it! Your god is illogical and impossible, proving that polytheism is the only rational way to understand divinity.

I see these problems with the Trinity doctrine:

  1. Trinitarians (I don’t know if there are more than one trinitarian school…) as far as I know, claim, that Jesus, Father,
    Holy Spirit are 3 distinct persons, and at the same time each of them is God and they are equal, what is against
    Jesus’s teaching.
  2. “The Trinity is beyond our comprehension” … a very dangerous teaching opening doors for somebody who will “explain”,
    and at the same time weakening Christians faith by uncertainty in whom they really believe.
  3. If you have a problem to judge something, try to see it from the point of view of its fruits.
    It seems to me, that fruits of the Trinity doctrine are:
    • Totally useless division between Christians based on unimportant philosophizing belonging to theological books
    • Judging, being arrogant towards opponents - no love, refusing Christian brothers (that they are not Christians)
      if they don’t follow a trinitarian view, but they believe eg. that Father is God, and Jesus and Holy Spirit are “just”
      His Parts, “just” fully preaching His will
      .… from my point of view, everything points to the conclusion, that preaching the Trinity for wide audience of Christians is counterproductive to preaching basic and the most important Christian idea about salvation - Gospel, what should be Christian main job and in which should be Christians united.
  4. Trinity doctrine is wrong, because it contradict Jesus who preaches inequality between its persons.
  5. Trinity, or using it seems not good as it has a negative impact on Christian community causing its division,
    confusion, weakening Christian faith through incomprehension.

My wife is a Critical Care R/N and she said the same thing CPR almost never works, took me by surprise when she said that

Jhn 8:58 "Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” Jesus says he is Yahweh in the burning the bush.

Jhn 6:46 Jesus says, ““Not that anyone has seen the Father, except He who is from God; He has seen the Father.” How can you see anyone in the Old Testament has seen God the Father??

I very much appreciate the shows.

Just a little push back on the passage in Genesis 1 which says, “Let us make man in our image…” I think it is quite plausible that it was angels or God’s divine council. Although Anthony said that this would amount to ascribing creative powers to the heavenly host I would disagree this is necessarily true. Instead, as Dr. Michael Heiser has explained, it is very much like a conversation between friends where 1 friend says to the other 3, “Let’s go get a pizza.” Then they ride in the car together but only the 1 guy who had the idea goes inside, orders, and pays. Yet it is common human language to say of this event, “WE bought a pizza, WE got a pizza,” etc. despite the fact that only 1 guy bought it and only 1 went inside and physically carried it outside. The same could be true of the Genesis account, where God says to the heavenly host, “Let us…” but the he does it all by himself and their participation was limited to being bystanders and observers. Following the Hebrew which immediately follows, it uses singular verbs to say, “In the image of God He created them.” I’m not saying it’s a homerun one way or the other, but that we should be open about it and acknowledge there is not a rock solid, absolute way of viewing these kinds of phrases.

Thanks a lot guys and God bless.

why is it that so manyTrinitarian’s insist on trying to insert the Trinity into the Old Testament by means of one word echad they think that it has one meaning and in order to make it fit their doctrine of a trinitarian God, they tried to say that it means one in a collective sense. They completely ignore what the rest of Scripture says in the Old Testament where it points out that God is not one composite God made up of 3 persons. The Shema declares that “Jehovah our God is one Jehovah.” There is no indication whatsoever of God being made up of a composite group of persons. Secondly, they seem to believe that if they just declare God to be a Trinity, through the prism of the Nicene creeds that, that will make the Trinity in the Old Testament a reality when it does not. They wish for us to believe that the Jews did not know the God that they were worshiping. You seem to wish that the Jews would have a short memory, as to why Jehovah was making the statement. They forget Jews came out of Egypt and Jehovah was making the statement to let them know that Jehovah was not a Trinity, but one person, not 3 persons in one what, that what was to be a God. Jehovah distinguished himself from the gods of Egypt that were being worshiped in Trinity. God Jehovah declared himself to not be a Trinity. So unless they’re about to change history, and tell the Jewish people that they do not know the God that they worship the Christians using the creeds of Nicaea, along with the dogma that came out of them cannot redefine the God of the Jews. What’s more, they cannot wipe out the fact that to this present day the Jews worship God in the same concept that they had during Jesus time. And during Jesus time the Jews as a whole were not worshipers of a Trinitarian God but rather worshipers of a God who was one singular person, with no equals, and no other parts to him other then him being the one person the highest over all the worlds alone according to Psalms 83: 18.

So it is amazing that they think that they can actually blind somebody who is aware of the history of the Jews as shown in the Bible as well as attested to by the modern days Jews worship of the Almighty as a singular being. One person one spirit person alone as God Almighty it really is the height of presumptuousness think that you can come into someone else’s religion and tell them what their belief of God was the day of held for centuries. And turn their God into a man, by means of a pagan monarch from centuries ago.they also think they can blind a whole religion as to what their historical concept of Their God is. the audacity is enormous.