The Women's March for Islam (Why Feminists Love Muhammad!)

While the Women’s March is supposed to be about women, the so-called “feminist” speakers openly promote Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran, which are history’s greatest forces for misogyny and oppression. Since the event’s organizers (Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour) are embroiled in controversy over antisemitic sentiments, the movement seems to be falling apart. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Women’s March feminist: Christian religiosity is so annoying and masculine. Let’s mock it. Hey, this woman with an obligatory religious cloth for women on her head is so inspiring. Let’s embrace it.

Lol. These girls live in a delusional parallel universe. Once islam takes over and sharia is established, no more feminism will exist. Women have all rights in Islam TO GIVE BIRTH and BRING UP THE CHILDREN :rofl::rofl:

The Qur’an does not mean that the husband harms his wife go back to the interpretations of the scholars

It’s not holy Quran it’s satanic Quran!

Either she is in complete denial or she has never read the Koran properly :roll_eyes:. She is plagiarising the Bible obviously.

Where is her veil

TAQIYA o art of lying is permitted by Islam for their purpose. Nadia, the Muslim girl was shameless about lying in public.

And as always people won’t going to try to look at this up to make sure she is speaking the truth :crazy_face::nauseated_face:

I have a copy of Quran as well and I’m an Engineer so that means Quran helped me to graduate and become an engineer. If you dare criticize this logic you’re a bigot and hatemonger :relieved:.

its like the longer i live the more people i see becoming and doing dumb things yo

They do all these march in European or democratic countries not in their own Islamic countries because first of all will not be allowed to march, they are doing it for order to preach their religion to others where lying it’s permited

David wood u know the quran chapters in your mind​:fire::raised_hands::raised_hands::100:

Equal really equal killed me​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jefferson raped his slaves, he wasn’t a nice man

Thomas Jefferson may not have owned a Qur’an because he was impressed with Islam, but John Adams did once comment in a personal letter to Jefferson: Where is to be found Theology more orthodox or Phylosophy more profound than in the Introduction to the Shasta [sic]?

I’m not saying this means that Hinduism had something to do with the founding of America (I think it did though), but that’s a much better endorsement for the teachings of a religion than merely owning its holy book.

The world of allah is not word of
God Jesus

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion :eyes::ok_hand:

You lie… Isalm and Quraan didnt says to ( kill) its all about fight back.
You can read it, its not a secret or hidden book.
Read it and look at the Tafseer of the Vurses.
Stop the lies

Who said subjugate?the Quran says fight disbelievers not subjugate them you completely ignored the Crusades,the inquisitions and imperialism you are not just an Islamophobe,you are also historiophobe