Theological Implications of Muhammad's Death

According to the Qur’an, if Muhammad were a false prophet, Allah would sever his aorta. Interestingly, when Muhammad was dying, he said he could feel his aorta being severed. Coincidence?

why dislisk whyyyyyyyy pls tell me why :frowning:

If you translate the original Arabic it doesn’t say aorta at all, what a load of rubbish.

Satan did through Muhammad all he (Satan) planned, then when he no more needed him he (Satan) sent him to death.Satan is never loyal to anybody,even to his partners and helpers! Good-bye,sherry Muhammad!

I am interested-what Muhammad wanted to devulge before his death? He wanted to warn people against smth or to make some secrets known,but his “companions” did not let him do that shutting him up! What could it have been I wonder?

John 1:29 of the Bible states that (Jesus) the lamb of God would take away the sins of the world so don’t you think that as well as being prophetic it was ironic that it was poisoned lamb that killed the false prophet Muhammad thereby resulting in the biggest sin of the world being “taken away” and the liar died a long and painful death at the hands of a heroic Jewish woman.
Regarding the alleged hatred of idolatry by Muhammad and all muslims, this again is a blatant lie because the biggest form of hero worship and idolatry is to name your child after that person and even today there are hundreds of thousands of men and boys named after the false prophet Muhammad, where’s the outcry, where are the demands of torture and execution for the blasphemers who disrespected the prophet by idolising him and naming their children after him,nowhere that’s where because muslims only make these kind of demands if and when it suits them.

With all the points logically leading to Mohammed not being a prophet and inconsistencies you bring up, do you think that at least some of the early collectors of the stories were actually recording their anti-Islam stance? Just because some of these are so clearly pointing to Mohammed not being any sort of prophet.

muhammad, piss be upon you…

So, let me understand this: According to Muslims, Jesus was rescued from the cross when Allah took Him to be with Allah, in what I assume would be the highest heaven. So, Jesus is in the highest heaven with this Muslim god. Yet, Allah wouldn’t lift a finger to rescue his favorite mouthpiece from a painful death, and left him to rot in his tomb.

Sounds to me like even the god of the Muslims prefers the holy Jesus to his deviant builder of Islam. Way to go, Muslims!

Islam is a mental illness, Christ is the only cure.

So help me understand something here. How it is that in the Quran narrative Jesus Christ was simply a normal human being although he is the only person to ever born without a father? So simply put he is only a messenger of Allah that ate food and did all kinds of other normal human being activities and yet he cured leprosy, animated clay birds into real birds, reanimated totally dead people and then furthermore he never died but was taken up body & soul to Heaven by Allah where he lives to this day?

So now on the other hand Muhammad was a human being and a messenger of Allah as well but he was allowed to die and there is no mention of either his body or soul being taken to Heaven in the Quran?

what a punk that guy was, I can’t believe to this day 1.6 billion people follow his teachings

Interesting…Muhammad tells his followers what horrible thing will happen to him if he’s a false prophet, that very thing happens to him, and they aren’t intelligent enough to conclude that he’s obviously a FALSE PROPHET? There must have been a LOT of other things that these guys were in it for, other than actually believing that Muhammad (may burning coals the size of aircraft carriers fall upon him) was really a prophet from their god–like murdering, pillaging, and raping.

The very word Islam means total surrender, including of one’s reason and logic abilities, hence it’s no surprise that the more one reads the Quran the more it loops around on itself like a serpent that swallowed its tail. Islam is simple. Just submit, stupid. Somebody will show you how to submit. The line to submit forms over there.

I for one will never submit, neither will the West. Instead, we will use the Internet to wake up the Muslim dupes and spark a Great Muslim Apostasy. Keep tuned with my cool free Historyscoper’s Islam Watch Blog.

Very interesting video.

Islam=Bad News

There never was any Mohammed to begin with…or Allah either for that matter.

From the muslim standpoint Paul was a liar but somehow he was protected from poisonous snake bites (Acts 28) But yet allah the supposed one true god can’t protect his most valued prophet from being poisoned? Strange inconsistency here? More and more we are finding allah is powerless against mere humans. Allah can’t seem to stop Paul from corrupting the gospel (Muslim view) nor can he stop a jewish woman from killing his greatest messenger. And yet JESUS as the true GOD can save Paul from snake poison and save Elisha from poisoned food (2 Kings 4:38) but noy muhammad?. As I said Strange inconsistency here?

The 2nd Caliph Omar bin Al Khattab didn’t believe in Muhammad as a prophet.

It was ashameful that a Jewish lady finally cuts Mo’s aorta(by poisonning), the message is clear:Jewish God wiped Mo(painfully, …auch!..)

Great source! If people would pray, read, and get informed!!

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Isaiah 41: 23
Show the things that are to come hereafter that we may know that ye are Gods