Theresa Corbin, CNN, and the Myth of the Muslim Feminist

Whenever there’s a series of particularly violent jihadist attacks, CNN rushes to defend Islam, typically by telling us over and over again what a wonderful religion it is. I suppose the administrators at CNN mean well. They’re probably thinking to themselves, “We need to protect peaceful Muslims from being associated with these violent extremists, and the best way to do that is to tell our readers and viewers that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, human rights, freedom, and democracy.”

What CNN ends up doing in their rush to defend Islam, however, amounts to proselytizing for Islam. Some of the articles sound as if they’re actually trying to convert people. Moreover, since CNN obviously doesn’t bother to check the facts in the articles they post (doing so might be thought “racist” or “Islamophobic”), the network is being used to spread outright deception.

CNN’s latest attempt to convince us that Islam is the ideal choice for Western readers is Theresa Corbin’s “I’m a Feminist, and I Converted to Islam.”

In this video, I examine Corbin’s claims.

The blog post about this Theresa Corbin person on AnsweringMuslims is one of my favorite things to read in my spare time.

Rubbish talking :blush:

100s of Bibles thru history, not two are the same. its all man made. and, first commandment says 1 God, not 3. preach your message to rapist priests, see how it goes for you. you all pedophiles or supporters

Thnks David to your Liarrr.

David…u are overwhelmed by satanic whispers in your mind & thinking…you read and interpret according to your satanic understanding…deep in your heart there is strong denial of islam as a religion…you know what satan from the time of Adam is an expert in taking people to the hell…dont be fooled by the satan.

I’m her brother and I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told her.

There’s a diagnosis in the DSM-5 for all religions.


How’s that for tolerant???

Wow! This bigoted nonsense did not age well. If I was this guy I would be so cringed out that I would have deleted this video


Islam is a satanic cult. Full of hate.

Dr David wood you are an inspiration. And briliant, love watching your videos.

Islam is a peaceful religion, if you don’t believe it we will kill you🤣
How can it be hate death and destruction in the Quran and not be in Islam? Get real Muslims.

you are a liar and a failure

Buy and read Robert Spencer’s latest non-Fiction Book, " The History of JIHAD from Muhammed to ISIS " and discover the truths the leftist Media will do almost anything to keep you from knowing. The Muslim Massacres of AMERICANs on September 11th, 2001 have been ignored, unlike the Japanese Massacres of AMERICANs on December 7th, 1941. Evidently American Men have been castrated and feminized to such a degree that they bow in fear having been subdued by the Warriors of Islam.

Hi brother David, the secret is, the muslim women like it, because as many times as they get divorced, as many times they could go for another marriage… that’s the real reason why muslim women and men don’t want the fatherly love of CHRIST, but they prefer the lust and polygamy of mohamood… this is the secret…

CNN isn’t a news agency. Its the propaganda arm of the Democratic party.

David the only amazing thing here is why are you not muslim yet ?

This guy is the biggest liar. he quotes out of context.

She just likes the Hijab because it hides her fat.

thank u david. it’s very informative.because of u I start to read n check wisely about the quran.