They’re Shouting “Death to America,” But They Seem Friendly! (CNN's Clarissa Ward on the Taliban)

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Don’t throw your shirt up and debase yourself.
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Out victory is dead serious.
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Peaceful people.

No woman should shave to wear that in her head. She looks hideous with that thing in her head.


why do you hate muslim so much🤷

Keep sending those videos… Tremendously important.



People have such a poor understanding of the human condition. People will still act as humans no matter how evil or how righteous.

Ohh are you trans you put hijab on?!

What is the outro music

Lol they chant GOD IS THE GREATEST.LEARN ARAB DAVID!!!Greeetings from Muslim country Malaysia!

Btw:I didn’t support Taliban

They were chanting takbiiiirrr"Allahu Akbar " !!! Allah is great …God is great …watch the whole video from CNN :woman_facepalming: …unless def ,you will hear the above…they said something else behind but laughed to that one if you also listen carefully…

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Bro do what you do but pls don’t play with islam and joke like the hijab and stuff and please go and read from real quran not Wikipedia qurans are free it isn’t bad to read about other religons

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Won’t be surprised if back home she says she was feeling comfortable and confident with that tent, I mean burqa around her.

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