"They're Leaving Islam by the Masses!" (Panicking over Apostasy)

During a recent episode of “Hamza’s Den,” a Muslim complained about the “masses” of Afghan Muslims who are leaving Islam. But it isn’t just Afghan Muslims who are becoming ex-Muslims. Apostasy is exploding around the globe.

#ExMuslims #Apostasy #LeavingIslam

Looks like we’re entering the Golden Age of Apostasy from Islam!

Dr David wood I know you’re probably not gonna see my comment, but I want you to know that I really hated when I first saw your videos as a Muslim! I swear like to the point where I felt like shit! After 1 of your videos it. I never thought it through but i saw myself watching video after video! And im thinking there has to be something wrong here! I can’t stand this guy but sometimes he can be funny! That’s where it started, and then I’d catch myself and say Istaqfuruallah like what am I doing?! This is the enemy im not supposed to complement him, and then dumbass just kept watching and then you know what? This guy makes good points, and I was just hooked after that, to where I started watching daily! And that’s how I pretty much left islam lol I’m like I don’t think David is evil, I don’t think he’s wrong either, I don’t believe the problem are the people calling him this! They don’t even give anyone a chance it’s you’re not Muslim your opinions don’t matter, and don’t even get me started on the man I thought was the greatest man to ever live smh! Aka Mohamed the warlord! But I noticed slowly I progressed out of Islam, I saw myself leaning towards Christ! And message of love and peace, that itself made me literally cry like I’ve never as if I was touched my Holy Spirit and Christ was willfully made me go this direction I’m happy now than I’ve ever been, I’m not mad at the world, nor hate people for having different views so I want to thank you my good sir! Because if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have been saved from that! May god bless you! Brotha

I think leaving Islam can help u in increasing vision of your mind, and your thought
Be safe from muslims and enjoy your life

Islam not give any type of humanity lesson

Be safe from muslim because punishment of leaving Islam is death in Arabia, so remain safe from this people

Zam zam water in the face has me rolling

STOP trying to say bad things about islam

Christian adherents are rapidly increasing in Iran via home churchs.

Only Shiek Yaboody can help

David, you did “Islamicize Me” several years ago, but what I think would also be an eye-opener is the sheiks and imams who conspire together to not tell Muslims the truth. You’ve done a good job with the clips “I’m proud of that!”

Meanwhile on our end of things, the public schools and the universities are turning Christian kids into atheists. This is not helping our society either. I think your techniques of short videos with memorable undercuts at the enemies, are psychologically very effective. We did not get brainwashed overnight but on the other hand, deprogramming is also managed in bites too.

Frankly to let the Catholic Church come in and take them all in is not the end all of intellectual pursuits either. We need more Sam Shamouns who have a war against Anthony Rogers, may has well put Ted Shoebat on your channel too.

Catholicism has nearly as many problems like the newest scandal in Ireland of the Mother and Baby homes and their apparent genocides.

Islam is the biggest virus for the world :rage:
Radical ishlamic terririsum :rage:

I’ve recently begun witnessing to Muslims in a park, here in Albania. I hope it bears fruit.

Some people just need a “guide book” to live by. Or it just isn’t safe not to join a “gang”.
I follow myself (if thats possible).

Good :+1:

astaghfirullah sodara-sodara… murtad dan jadi kafir kok bangga, ga habis pikir dehh

Watched all of it

Islam is Arabian cultural imperialism hiding behind the cloak of a religion

Great News

Also in Turkey too. Especially young Turkish People like me. I am Atheist since 2021.
Most of Turkish people leaving İslam rapidly. And all Islamist are going crazy these days more than used to be before.

According to every major Western statistics, islam is the fastest growing religion. Are you saying EU official statistics is false? Lol