"They're Leaving Islam by the Masses!" (Panicking over Apostasy)

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for putting the word of God in a warrior like you brother David. Keep up the great fight against Satan and Islam. But I am greatly overjoyed in my heart to know that after 24% of all Muslim youths are leaving Islam praise be to our Lord Christ.

how’s that for a cup of little zamn zamn water in the face

Ex Muslims are usually the best Christians you can ever meet. Their undoubtedly knowledge about Islam make it easy for them to reveal the the dark side of their former belief, unlike the those who are Christians by birth.

I love internet (:

God bless this ministry

What are the apologists crying about? I thought Islam was the fastest growing religion!

Islam can kill peaceful every one but not INTERNET
Because It was not made by ALLAH​:joy::joy::joy:


I wonder why people would believe you and not go do their own research.:thinking:
depened on you as a source of knowledge :face_with_hand_over_mouth::lying_face:

In India also there are so many people leaving Islam and there is group in kerala who openly came As a group of ex muslim .

Us ex-muslims in muslim countries should stay safe and we also do an effort online to spread the truth, people really need to wake up so that we can go back to normal and finnaly have a decent country

From Morocco and the ex-muslims are rising and increasing a lot in numbers, I personally know a looot of friends that left it I can’t even count how many I met, at this rate I believe it will only be a matter of few years until the majority will become non muslim

The Quran cannot be true. Alexander the Great (Zhul Qurnaïn), end of chapter 18, a notorious homosexual and even zoophile and above all a pagan Chief Priest of Amon Ra the Ram ( this is why hens got two horns), of the goddess Cybeles and so many others CANNOT EVER receive boons and blessings by Allah ! Here Allah does not know what he says and accredits a pagan priest as a muslim, which is just aberrant.
Chapter 18/ the cave, a mixture of two tales, a laktin one ( the seven sleepers of Ephesus) and the legend of Alexander by pseudo Callisthenes is most aberrant chapter if the Quran.

Welcome all to the kingdom of God.

Glory to God. Jesus Christ is Lord. :clap::clap:

You should come and see how the masses departing Islam in Persia is huge …The main reason is that the government prosecute and execute and imprison and torture who have found what Islam is and how Islam have betrayed them …how Islam sold their country and wealth to Kremlinand Chinese communist party …If someone wanted to convert to Islam first he or she must see Pakistan Iran Afghanistan Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Somalia to and lebanon to see what Islam has done to the people of these countries …

Hallelujah amen the are coming home bless you brother God Almighty lord Jesus Christ is coming soon amen :pray:

Will this work with Muslim Filipinos?

We dont care let them leave islam yu are a fool david islam does not need them just tell us about yur bible if its genuine

Internet proved to me that islam is the only truth .