This MONTH in Jihad (Texas Synagogue, Iran Honor Killing, Pakistani Pastors)

David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the hostage situation at a Texas Synagogue, a husband beheading his wife in Iran, the murder of a pastor in Pakistan, and much more.

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Muhammad said: “I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.” --Sahih Muslim 30
Does that show what the religion of “pieces” is all about?


It’s amazing just how few people as a percentage actually realise that this won’t stop and realise the pinnacle of this wave of “honour killings , FGM , assault, rape , be heading etc hasn’t even been reached yet ….yeah the trend is slowing ( thanks to people like you ) but it’s still going up yet !!!

I’m not afraid of you because I have Allah swt and even though I’m at war with you I’m very proud if I die because of what? because I defend my religion Islam!

Medically verified miracle healings by modern day Christians are shown in a interesting documentary called Send Proof. Thefilmmaker was going through a life crisis of trying to explore investigate truth and evidence for God.God gave him an answer.

Hearing Robert Spencer mock Ali Dawah’s voice was the funniest thing I heard all week!

the Jew dude being captured in Texas was done by fake Muslims. In fact since i go to a Muslim school we all had to write down a letter to the man saying us Muslims don’t support those people. We don’t support the Iran “honor killing” either.


:rofl::rofl: Eskimos!

Does David have a podcast? If so does anybody know the name of it?

Dear David Wood, please do a video or two about a nauseating channel called Blogging Theology run by Islamic Apologist and sycophant creep (creep as in British meaning) Paul Williams. Particularly vomit-inducing is his video on ‘Most Violent Religion in History’ (Claim it is Christianity) which relies on raw data and not calculated ‘kills per member’ ratio…

Islam is Not a Race, is Not a Religion, is a Political Ideology, Mecca and Medina, Gates of Vienna, Nalanda, Turkey and Armenia, 9/11, Hamas is the worst enemy to the Palestinian People, The Green Prince. The Arab Muslim Slave Trade of Africans, by Dr. John Allembilah Azumah. Christian Prince. Derek Prince, Bill Warner. Brigitte Gabriel. Taqqiyyah = Deceive.

:footprints::broken_heart::footprints: I’m presently leaving at minute marker [9:56] They swear by GOD that they belong with you, while they do not belong with you; they are divisive people.

The argument of Islam being a religion of peace is just as ridiculous as saying real communism hasn’t been tried yet.

3:40 I also had covid recently and for me it was exactly the same. Common cold symptoms for a few days, and an ongoing cough that lasted for a whole month. Nothing painful, it’s just that the cough was annoying.

Nigeria is under very serious Islamic attack. They are everywhere in government. They have infiltrated the entire force,police,immigration, army,navy,airforce, customs. These guys are so well positioned. They are ready for a jihad. Just recently, a policeman in charge of intelligence was arrested for his involvement in cocaine trafficking. He is awaiting extradition to USA for his involvement in international fraud. And the entire Muslim are opting to offer lawyers to defend him. The man is responsible for the killing of innocent people from southeast

Behold, my Muslim brothers and sisters, here is evidence of the possessed prophet of Islam:

During muhammud revelations whenever gabriel appeared to him he will:

Hear out ringing in his ears. Bukari 1.1.2

Sweat profusely Sahih Muslim 2656, ibn kathir pg. 126

Choking Sahih Bukari 1.1.3

Constant Lip Movement Sahih Bukari 1.1.4

Hear as if voices of trees and rocks speaking to him Al Tabari Vol 6 pg. 63

Constant trembling Al Tabari pg 68

Racing heart with swollen veins ibn kathir pg. 123

Fever ibn kathir pg. 126.

:star_and_crescent: :kaaba: :mosque: :star_and_crescent: :kaaba: :mosque:

Islam is kept alive because of the lies by its Muslim apologists, but when its own sources are studied, it is obvious it is man-made and false, check out and subscribe to my channel that exposes Islam using their own sources.