This Week in Jihad [Anti-Shia Mosque Attack in Pakistan]

David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the latest new about jihad, including news from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Germany, France, New Jersey, and Florida.

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Great stuff guys

Two ignoramuses “ teaching” their ignorant followers. Robert used to follow Professor John Wansbrough’s Theory that the Glorious Quran was produced “two centuries after the death of the Prophet ( pbuh ). Now the discovery of Birmingham manuscript and Tübingen manuscript in Germany ( of Quran ) has smashed Robert and his teachers theory to the ground. These manuscripts have been carbon dated to the mid seventh century, exactly to the era when the Muslim historians claim Quran was put together mere 19 years after the Prophet’s death in 632 CE.
To highlight his stupidity Robert also wrote a book claiming Muhammad ( pbuh ) never existed!!!
Please also look at a video of David debating with Sheikh Uthman in Balboa Park San Diego not too long ago. He looks like a little kid caught stealing ( he is do nervous).

14:40 exactly the reason why Indians not giving up Kashmir. Once that gone, next target will be Delhi.

Western countries allow fanatical Muslims and mullahs to come openly but why do they strongly discourage the arrival of ex-Muslims?

Ayesha and Ali’s alleged war was probably a power struggle between Damascus and Kufa. Which was later made the basis of sects by giving it a religious color.

Sunnis and Shiites strongly disagree on the first four caliphs, but interestingly, there is no evidence that any of these four caliphs even existed.

The greatest scientific miracle in quran is the fact that allah tell muslims that Mary, the mother of Jesus was the sister of Moses and Aron.

Mutta is practised in Pakistan and children are killed because they illegitimate. Mutta only covers the man because woman is adulterer, hence her children are illegitimate. Iran does not kill the children.

Crimea River! :rofl:

David, please do watch the latest Indian movie, The kashmir files

yeah right nigga

Hey David, in Sunni belief there is also a marriage type called Misyar which is quite similar to the Mut’ah marriage of Shias

Can you put a written TL;DW summation in the description or the comments? Also. Did you gain 200.000 subscribers over the past 2,5 years David?! Would you like to elaborate?!

India ranks 7th in global Christian persecution index :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Congratulations

Woody please debate me.

Title: The biblical Jesus, a heretic by modern christology.

Archbishop Welby is a weak fool who has forsaken God and now worships at the alter of Woke.

Spencer is Greek, can’t beat them in philosophy. :grinning:

Robert and David - You both should make a book “Quran for NON Dummies - revialing the truth about the religion of Peace”

This makes me think of another book that talks about “inner struggle” and its “Mien Kamph”