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Singing songs in English and not knowing what you’re/ they’re saying

msg for muslim “this guy use negative acts of muslims to prove islam is wrong i have some questions
if Quran is wrong then why there r scientific facts in Quran and not in gospel and torha
why gospel is revealed in hebrew written in latin and studed in english is not corrupted but quran revealed in arabic written in arabic and memorized in arabic is wrong
can any cristian memorize whole gospel like thousands of muslims who memorize whole quran?
why recitation of quran is so peaceful to listen but gospel and torha r not”
request to muslims " plz don’t comment on this channel it increases its ratting"

Lol David, I used to have that shirt

Thank you for editing us…

David, what’s going on with Sam Shamoun??? He’s become a bully lately, etc.

Praise The Lord David Sir i am from a hindu brahmin but since i came to know jesus that jesus is the only true god who can give us peace and can take us all then i have dedicated my whole life for the glory of jesus I gave it to Jesus.
I would like to say one thing to all of them that I have changed my mind and my life, not religion, I want to say one thing to all of you too, if you all also accept the words of Jesus and accept Jesus in your life, then your mind too You will change because knowing the truth always changes and improves lifeInstead of fear inside your mind there is faith and peaceBecause Jesus said that I myself am the king of peace
Said one more thing
I have not given you the soul of fear and fear, but the soul of steadfastness and steadfastness.
so jesus is the true lord
If anyone who accepts Jesus in his life will belong to him forever.
Lord Jesus bless you all
From india​:india::pray:

Kyrie eleison. Aha. Now we know what it means thanks to Google translate: “Sir, take it easy.”

What is it with young red-headed Brits turning to Islam? It’s almost a stereotype because one hears of it actually happening so often.

I always learn something when I watch. Thank you.

Two legends

Where is David Wood? Was there no Jihad last week?

David i hava a question, im a Christian from Indonesia. When i try to write down the hadith you quote and verified it myself i found something strange. When i search the hadith in Indonesian translation (so i can share it better with my Indonesian speaking friends) the number is changed and all over the place.

For example Sahih Al bukhari 6922 “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, kill him.”, in Indonesian version its in Sahih Al Bukhari 2794.
In Indonesian version Sahih al bukhari 6922 is about helping a beggar

Because of this problem i have a hard time finding the hadith you quote in Indonesian (but its still possible). Do you know why this happened?

Father : lam your father and your son .
Son : No lam your father and your
Holy Ghost : You are both wrong .
lam your son and
Your father.
Father : lam going to earth to die
for humanity.
:No that’s my job and
Just before death comes
to me, lam going to ask
myself why I had
forsaken me.
Holy Ghost : But lam the guy who
Will say that because as
your son lam also your
father and as such T have
priority over myself .
Father : No, it is I who will be
asking myself that
question because lam
YOur son as well as

From India :heart:

Up dated; the guy who kicked the hindu’s offering, he is now in jail. Bravo indonesian police officers.

Tell me the minions shirt is ironic David.

David wood :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:

Hey David I heard if you lose debate with Mohamed Hijab you will revert to islam is this true? If you’re not staying true to your words you should wear woman’s dress?! )))
Jokes aside somebody invite this man for a cup of tea and warm his heart please

Indonesian representative here to confirm that, yes, Indonesians love you David :heart: