This Week in Jihad! (Stabbings in India & Israel, Raif Badawi Freed, Christians Killed in Egypt)

David Wood and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) bring you the latest news about the global jihad, including stories from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ukraine, France, Germany, Nigeria, Egypt, and Canada.

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The kidnapping of Christian girls happens all the time in Egypt just a few days ago a christian lady was kidnapped with her little baby and a vedio of her went viral in Egypt , in the vedio she seems beaten and wearing a hijab and her child (baby daughter) was screaming very loud in the background of the vedio and she was saying in the vedio that she willingly converted to islam and many of the muslims responded that she wasn’t forced and she found the true religion and all that ignoring how the little girl was screaming and crying the whole vedio and the bruises on the mother

The World should be concerned about the Quranovirus more than the coronavirus which is more FATAL❗

Izlam is the most disgusting religion

Irrespective of race or religion, humans kill,rape oppress ,racist ,sectarian,dictate ,hate etc,the human race not perfect not even by the standards of religion ,however their own those who use religion and idiologies ,that destroys.
All humans goes thru good or bad,or any ills in life.
Religion came about by the battles of selfrightiousness,messengers were all human beings born on planet/E,they did not determent life or death nor the creation of the universe that’s billions of years in existence.
No messenger ,has been given authority to determent the air we breathe,or this great planet that the Divene Power has provided for all His creations both animals,the first,then humans to occupy.
I do agree that many use religions as power as selfrightiousness.
" Then in the year 2000,will be the War on Anti - Christ " that would last for 27 years, untill the New Age of Aquarius brings peace of what’s left of the world.

Even in Egypt the kidnapping of young Christian girls and forced to convert to Islam happens alllllll the time with the blessings of the Egyptian government and kept under the rug It’s really sad

There are killings all over the world yet the MSM report nothing, so the media are the problem. There is no other way to report this, you got to use humour otherwise it will be depressing. The less you read the Koran the more you understand it :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Remember there is no such thing as Jihad killings, it’s just all in our imagination.

My Jihad :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:only stupid people will fall for that nonsense and that’s what they are hoping for. Luckily for is we have Mr Spencer and Mr Wood to tell us the truth. Of course Muslims will actually hate this. I pray for all Muslims to wake up and see the lies being fed to them. I pray for all Muslims Jesus is lord. :pray:t6::pray:t6:

Robert: “They would go to paradise, get the virgins and all that.”
David: “That’s a good deal.”
14:18 by the way

Damn I didn’t know rumble was that bad. WTF no one has the balls to start a platform that will allow free speech. Well I mean allowing people to speak their minds from both sides not just the leftards. Ya I think it’s high time to do something about these turds. Just because a religion or a book says to rape doesn’t mean that you have to act out on those crimes. These are sick people who are using the excuse of the their fake holy book to commit these crimes because they have had that in them from teachings from their families or their own religious leaders. That is disgusting, disturbing and they themselves should be sodomized by multiple people and things so they can feel what it’s like to have that happen to them.

they are trying to make Islam beautiful ,

Yea more jihad

How come this western world doesn’t realise about Islam :star_and_crescent:

You’re also on Odysee, where I can watch some videos that got banned elsewhere, so it seems to be currently not banning people. But maybe it’s, as you say, it’s just because the viewership so far is relatively small compared with others.

Brother David please make a vedio on shab e meraj in which muslims say that mohammed was gone to heaven please make a vedio on this topic

abu tahir al-jannabi is the greatest muslim ever!! look him up, kids!!

I heard Danemark has a law against paying ransom. It sounds harsh but it makes sense.

Sadness and tears of Infidels are not important to the msm.

Elias was his alias.

Hello. I have a question @David Wood
How do you share the gospel with an agnostic muslim? Someone who is not religious, he doesn’t believe in God if he existed or true or not, but he still practices some things from islam because he is a muslim