This Week in Jihad: Stoning in Pakistan, Hijab Ban in India, Seminary Attack, Mosque Fire

David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the latest in jihad (stories from Africa, Europe, and Asia).

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Well, Muslims have allowed a Hindu couple to be married at a mosque in kerala, India. But again that is rare. I am not saying Muslims are bad. But a lot of them are individually very righteous and really great.

There is an entire religion which started off to counter Islam’s wrath …( SIKHISM)…

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In India, till higher secondary education, there are school uniforms so that equality can be maintained and there won’t be fights bcoz of religion or status as who wears what clothes… Every community… Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains… Everyone accepts it and follows it… Then why a certain community can’t?? Plus they’re giving statements that in Quran, hijab is an essential practice, but nowhere in quran it is written that hijab is an essential religious practice… It is an ADVICED practice… The girls are ADVICED to wear hijab for the protection from r*pe… But IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL… And if we’ve accepted the rules years before them why can’t they? Even after the rules are being made, they don’t want to follow it?!

Imran Khan is a fundamentalist himself.

First of all there is no blanket ban on all hijabs. The Karnataka High Court’s verdict upholds a reasonable classroom restriction on religious attire that applies to all young girls (and boys) regardless of religions. This restriction does not even apply to colleges and universities (high schools are called “colleges” in the Indian state of Karnataka.) Even Hindu religious symbols (including the Hindu “dupatta” veil) will not be allowed. Good decision by the Karnataka High Court!
Yes, it is true that the Modi and the BJP follow a communal Hindutva ideology, and Hindutva bigots will surely gloat over the high court verdict (which is very unfortunate). However India is a secular country with a secular constitution. The law clearly states that schools can impose uniforms in the classroom, with the only allowable exemptions being “essential religious practice”. The hijab is clearly not essential religious practice as most women even in backward Pakistan don’t wear it. Moreover, hijabs are not allowed in classrooms even in Muslim countries like Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Turkmenistan, and Turkey (before Erdogan).
The Indian military does not allow hijabs either. Does it mean that Muslim women aren’t allowed to become soldiers in India?
Before we start quoting Quran verses on the hijab, let us not forget the Quran verses on alimony and the excellent Supreme court’s decision upholding Muslim women’s right to fair alimony in the Shah Bano case, that was against some Quran verses.
Let us not ignore the Quran verses on hand amputations (QS 5:38) and polygyny (QS 4:3) either. Are they essential religious practice too?




me and my family jihad agaist pakistani muslim by the weapon of prayer but unfortunately they even don’t understand who is Lord Jesus Christ


Do Jehovah and Allah get on with each other? perhaps Allah is Satan?
" My Jihad is to build friendships across the aisle" Swap Jihad with Struggle! (Do not make friends with non-believers!)

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Muhammad said: “I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.” --Sahih Muslim 30
The true aim of the religion of piece(s)!

My bullets are tipped with pigs blood. This is what should be said for those in jihad territory


It’s amazing how justice, and news coverage, is dispensed by “giving a free pass” to some, and castigating others.

Mo said he wanted to burn the houses down of muslims who didn’t come to the mosques.— Some peaceful jihad, huh?

We don’t hear this news from anywhere else.

What’s this video about I am so confused… Are you for jihad or against it?

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