This Week In Terror (Mali, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, United States)

Jihad never stops, which is why terrorist attacks have been occurring for fourteen centuries and continue around the world today. In this installment of “This Week in Terror,” we review recent examples of terror in Mali, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the United States.

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The extremists also tried to make a caliphate of my country. We call it Marawi Seige. Thank God we defeated them and maintained our freedom and democracy.
I bring back the glory to God who provided help even from authoritarian regimes like the CCP and Russia. Even Israel, Australia, and the US helped too with intel.
Mabuhay from Philippines!:philippines:

In fairness, Feminists like to firebomb people too.

David wood​:heart::heart::heart:

Daviiiiid… You forgoten to indonesia …

Islam is practically the religion of hate!

I’m from the Philippines :heart:

The main stream media has been silent :no_mouth: about all this. :man_facepalming:t5:

ISIS is killing people in Mozambique and planting bomb mosques in South Africa

please explains jews german relationship.Roman Empire and jews history.i would love to listen it from you​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

David Bro, Plz read this! This Is Hot Topic in INDIA.THIS happened on 20th of Oct. Kamlesh Tiwari (murdered) gave a (blasphemous)statement on prophet in 2015.Police registered a case against him. He went to the jail ,and was out on bail .2 people entered his house and slaughtered his throat. Indians don’t know the actual reason . In India we think its just a crime.Please I request you to make atleast a short video on this topic.

David wood, I Ioves you as master for all, and I can’t forget the last prayer of Mr. Nabeel Quraishi.

I’m from Nigeria, pls pray for us

I love my snow fort! I never heard of a Muslim! What’s that?

200 Christians charged with blasphemy… just think about that

Sad. What are we to do? Pray ?

At the time of partition from india pakistan have about 13% hindu population but now it is only 2% of population

From india I just want to say
Pakistan = terroristan

and In united states I teen goes into a church and kills more than 9people praying