Three Lessons from the Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman Debate

Jordan Peterson’s debate with Cathy Newman on Channel 4 has gone viral. While people who regularly follow debates on feminism, the gender pay gap, postmodernism, and campus protests will be familiar with much of the discussion, there are important lessons here for everyone. David Wood mansplains them.

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I used to like Jordan Petersen…

Until I saw how badly he treated The Woman.

one of the best videos on pschology i have ever seen…Thank You David.

one of t

I’ve tried listening to this debate… I couldn’t do it… she was so obnoxious with how badly she twisted his words

I agree with Cathy Newman on one thing: she’d be better off going away and playing with her Cindy dolls. At least they don’t talk back.

Prophecy… in a nutshell!

Obligatory comment for engagement credit

Oh my gosh, that’s painful! Why did he ever agree to do an interview with this idiot? How did she ever end up in the public view???

Phew! That was one heck of an interview!.. Mr Jordan was so patient and she was so manipulative. She’s probably trying to get open ended questions. Sorry I’m 16 y/o. Mr Jordan was so nice. Awesome guy. But she was not listening to him and constantly trying to make assumptions. He was so relieved that the interview was over. That final grin.

This is true,
Thats how people see Trump when he does anything, literally anything.

Like, when he says abortion is bad, they assume he wants women to bore the child of rapists,
But hey more than 99% of abortionists gets pregnant not from rape.
Its voluntary pregnancy, not raped!

I’m the person in the fractions example lol. :joy::joy::joy:

It all sounds like Islam to me

Why newman has man in her name? She should change that first

800 e comment

Truth should never be afraid of cross examination!

That Newman interview just like the virus will be in the history books. Newman is not lucky enough to be stupid.

Who is here in January 2021?

So glad I watched this. You have expertly explained all three personality types on the left that I spar with, it’s so obvious now. You have their number. Well done!