Three MORE Quran Verses Every Christian Should Know (David Wood)

Since there are more than 1,600,000,000 Muslims in the world, all of whom believe that the Quran (also spelled “Koran”) is the Word of Allah, Christians certainly should learn something about the primary text of Islam. In this video, David Wood presents three MORE Quran verses that every Christian needs to know:

(1) Quran 5:116, which misrepresents the doctrine of the Trinity;
(2) Quran 18:27, which asserts that no one can change Allah’s words; and
(3) Quran 98:6, which describes Allah’s view of Jews, Christians, and idolaters.

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Which translation or version of the Quran should we get to take out evangelizing with us? I bought one but it’s an awful translation.

You are doing great work David. Keep it up.

Such weak arguments!!! I wouldn’t get knowledge about Quran from googling wanna be scholar… Go to the sources and find out more about Islam than listening to this ‘’ pain ‘’ in the ears…

First of all you didn’t take it in it’s intire context so don’t speak too fait, because we all know that there are Christians that are worshiping Jesus others worship his mother, it is not said there that Allah speaks about treanity. And before speaking about Coran read it well in it’s entire context and start with looking at the bible with millions and millions of contradictions, then come back to talk about Islam. May Allah guide all of us.

Mark 13:32 and also this verse Hosea 13:16 where it tells you to kill children and pregnant women and Exodus 21:20 about your god being so evil

I watched some of your videos…I don’t agree that Jesus would be doing what you are doing now…look your deeds and compare to what Jesus had done…may god forgive us all

They are blind, deaf, can’t Walk towards right path. I believe.

The great JESUS

I didn’t believe,my God is the real God,the almighty

He is Alla who is one , the eternal refuge, he reither begets nor is born, no one is comparable to him.

The WORD ‘‘Words/Word’’ in Quran has many meanings . I’m not a religious scholar but I can speak Arabic And from what I have read I can tell that the word ‘Words’ which is mentioned in that specific verse read by this guy just simply means ‘Promises’ hence the verse means that Allah Promises can’t be changed. It just like the saying ‘He is a man of his word’ which uses word in the sense of “a promise.

Do you think that by insulting the Qur’an you can be cool?
Then if you insult the Qur’an you can get a lot of followers?, no! Not the expected follower but the expected sin!, If you are not Muslim you can greet tolerance! no need to,

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this is laughable

Wow After reading the bible we find out that Christianity is the only religion that their scripture doesn’t not support their core believes.Core believes out of miracle of reinterpretation :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl:

Thank God for Islam :heart:

This guy thinks he knows religion and Quran better. LOL…
If you wanna understand even one verse from Quran u need “Tafseer”
If you wanna understand Allah then you need “Tawheed”
If you wanna know about Prophet Muhammad PBUH the you need his “Seerah” and “Hadith”
If you wanna know about Islamic Sharia then you need to understand “Fiqh”
If you wanna know Islam you need to fully understand “All of the above”
And he clearly doesnt know a single word in Arabic Language. Learn before before commenting. People will laugh back at you.

A person just cannot understand Quran with just the literal translation like how you are doing. People keep praising this guy for this shit he comments without the basic knowledge. So much ignorance and hate towards Islam. You will stand in front of Allah and you will be questioned about your actions. That’s the day you will regret. Islam will win with or without you and me.

David is looking very chunky in this video. Lol

We shoulda known Quran hate us for our religion, This is what it says: “The People of the Scripture and the Sons of Israel are lost in their faith, do not accept any help from them because they wish you harm, avoid them everywhere, if you see that they are going the same way as you, then change your direction, truly Allah humiliates his enemies” hadith from Tirmizi.