Three Stages of Jihad (David Wood)

The first step in defeating Jihad is knowing what it is and how it works.

In this video, David Wood explains that Jihad proceeds in stages. Stage One: Stealth Jihad. Stage Two: Defensive Jihad. Stage Three: Offensive Jihad.

For more on Jihad, be sure to visit our “Understanding Jihad” playlist:

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If I share this video in facebok in Bangladesh I will be atacked by friends and family members.

Very well broken down. This is gold

Indian muslims in stage 2

Islam doesn’t want to be friends with us Christians and they hate Jews Islam is a ticking time bomb creeping jihad Islam is a disease Jesus Christ is the Cure​:fire::dagger::latin_cross:

The quran was called the noble quran nothing to do with Holy The Bible is Holy its like dry water on straight quare wheels on a bike or hot ice cubes

Stage 1 and a bit

It’s 2022 and David is still right.

It’s 2022 and David is still right

2022 and unfortunately it’s worse in Europe. Sadly Sweden is now in the end of stage 2.

Hi David, thank you for your conviction and knowledge and faith. I am not sure if you have heard of the murder of the Archbishop who was murdered yesterday in Egypt. Would be good to understand what happened there?

The hatred in this comment section frightens me. You guys always use the same verses of the Quran to justify your hatred towards Muslims. It is 2022, and this entrenched evil within your hearts still burns bright. Religion is purely what someone makes of it. You cannot expect an inherently evil individual to use otherwise neutral and peaceful verses to commit acts of kindness. The verses that you used are known for being the verses that are most commonly misinterpreted, but those who have hatred and prejudice in their hearts do not even wish to understand the true meaning of them; they only use it as weapon to attack an entire population without mercy. Today, the most quoted — and the most misinterpreted — Quranic passage (2:190-192) is the one giving permission to fight the unbelievers. What many don’t know is that it speaks only to a specific time, and only at the city of Mecca, when the idol worshippers of Mecca had broken a truce with the Muslims and did horrible injustices.
The passage speaks to the Muslims with numerous conditions, including that fighting in self-defense was a last resort. The passage does not say that you must kill, but that to do so at that time was allowed only under many conditions: including only after a defined grace period had passed; only if no other pact was in place; only if the idol worshippers stopped you from going to the Kaba (in Mecca); and only if they attacked you first — and even then, God is merciful, forgiveness is supreme. The verse is allowing Muslims to defend themselves only with peace as their ultimate goal, which mirrors the interpretation of Islamic scholars today.
God speaks to all of humankind in the Quran without regard to race, color, social or financial situation or even genealogy. The clear unveiling of its truthful message can only come by reading it cover to cover with understanding.

Now, when you apply this same passage without context in order to dehumanize Muslims as a whole due to the horrendous actions of certain groups, you become a major part of the problem. Those who use quaranic verses to justify acts of terrorism are not influenced by Islam itself but a myriad of cultural, political, and geographical factors. They merely use Islam as a tool to fulfill their twisted agendas and call it jihad. Back then, jihad was used to describe a war in which religious soldiers courageously fought for their homeland and the security of their people against threats posed by those of other religious and sects, as that is how society was divided.

It’s now April of 2022, and this dude is still right

Would you add subtitles some of his best videos in Russian ( For Chechen’s to read) and in Arabic (for Palestine’s to read?)

It’s 2022 and what you explained is heavenly true.

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It is already 2022 and David Wood is still right!

From now on i identify as a islamophobe.

do you know tolerance?