Tommy Robinson Banned by Facebook and Instagram: The BBC Panodrama Continues

Tommy Robinson was recently banned from Facebook and Instagram, after he exposed BBC Panorama journalist John Sweeney for racism, elitism, and homophobia. BBC journalist Mohammed Shafiq admittedly went to Facebook and Instagram to plead for Tommy’s removal from the platform. Since Tommy had already been deplatformed by Twitter and PayPal, his YouTube channel is his primary remaining platform.

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, is described by his critics as “far right,” “racist,” and “Islamophobic.” He has been targeted by the BBC and the radical leftist organization Hope Not Hate over his stance on Islam, immigration, and Brexit.

To watch Tommy’s documentary “Panodrama: An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!” click here: #Panodrama - An Exposé of the Fake News BBC! - YouTube

For Tommy’s response to being deplatformed, click here: Update on censorship go to - YouTube

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If you think Tommy Robinson is safe on YouTube, check out my recent video on YouTube’s Community Guidelines strikes program: - YouTube

Rosanna Miller…Yeah…bind them !

Yes, alternative media does threaten the income of the MSM. Those powerful entities that control the MSM will not be willing to pay their bribes, if the MSM is no longer able to control the perception and thinking of the general public. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for example, has donated around $50 million dollars to the BBC over the past few years, and only last year gave $3.6 million to CNN for its “Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis” (whatever that is). He has paid billions of dollars to both Imperial College London and Oxford University, both of which institutions have been at the forefront of advising the UK Government on its strategy during the current fake pandemic. Bill Gates will expect to get a good return on his investment in these organisations, and he won’t want the likes of the truth to get in the way of his agenda to decrease the World’s population.

I was recently blocked for 30 days on facebook for showing this video 2 years ago…
They are simply browsing our accounts several years back removing anything with TR’s name…

FB make rules TODAY about what was not against their rules back then - but is now.
It’s totally absurd.

So the BBC is England’s version of USAs CNN.

Hi David, love your videos, recently I Found the news about Someone making fun of Jews and the holocaust tattoo on Tik tok, so maybe Tik tok have a more loose rules on content, so maybe You can colaborate with Vocab malone to make a Tik tok video about Muhammad the pedophile, that would be fun!

Tommy Robinson has discovered that the British media is largely owned by Saudi Arabia. That explains a lot…

Hva mer holdes skjult for oss?

I want to see Tommy Robinson as PM of the great Britain

YouTube and Facebook have no problem letting Muslim’s run their mouth off . Here I am in facebook Jail for telling the truth about Muhammad yet Muslim’s can threaten to murder people and that doesn’t go against community standards.

Everyone stand up and declare loud and proud our voices against this left wing media. Now is the time, silence no more. All over the world human minds are being planted misinformation.

tim pool is a great content creator, i have been subbed him since the swedish visit. same goes for dr.steve turley, tommy, rebel media and lots of others!

Mohammed Shafiq is an example of how INFILTRATION by the klan of usurpers operates. They are busy planting themselves in every facet of society to influence and grab power at the appropriate time. I have not heard the term sleeper cell used for some time. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

David you are right on the money today

Tommy Robinson is a fucking hero. Anyone who call’s him racist is a fool.

Weird how I get nearly no notices from your channel, bell or not. Saw this video on Gab, happy to watch!

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.

The establishment can’t stop this change, no matter what they do. All their methods would only fan the flames, they do not understand human behaviour sufficiently enough. This is one of the factors that they don’t understand: Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas