Tommy Robinson Facing More Jail Time? (LIVE Discussion with Apostate Prophet and David Wood)

Today, Tommy Robinson announced that he’s facing trial AGAIN for reporting on Islamic grooming gangs. David Wood and the Apostate Prophet discuss the issue LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time).

For more information about the charges against Tommy, watch these videos:
“The world is watching this state persecution - more details on persecution and charges against me”: The world is watching this state persecution - more details on persecution and charges against me - YouTube
“BREAKING: Government to send Tommy Robinson BACK to JAIL”:
BREAKING: Government to send Tommy Robinson BACK to JAIL - YouTube

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i think 911 was an inside job
and used islam to cover it up.

The voteing in the UK is riged the same as the USA.
are all in the club.

British Bullshit Corparation

A couple if decades ago David Pawson said that the UK was on track to becoming an Islamic state. Unless something is done quickly, I think he is correct.

Can someone please help me to understand why Christians seem to be supporting Tommy Robinson? Doesn’t he have like 3 criminal convictions and was once a member of the BNP? I genuinely want to understand because I respect David Wood as an apologist. Apologies if I have gotten any of my facts wrong. Thanks.

The BBC and the British government are enemies of the people and should be torn down.

I let the like button find in me much hardness.

I am British and ashamed of my country.

Newsealand for uk’??

‘shitty can’t vampire’ by the dead queen…

It’s not more ‘prison’ time (Britain doesn’t have jails) it’s simply a continuation of the trial that he and his wealthy backers and establishment friends keep putting off, asking for more time on a crime that agent demagogue Yaxley has already admitted to. The issue has been a problematic “flawed” trial so to be just and fair it has been handed over to the Attorney General who agent Yaxley recently made a public proposal to in a way of daring him. Everything that has happened to Stephen Yaxley has been brought on by himself, we in England who have not been suckered into a cult can see the bigger picture and how the dumbed down masses are being used.
Novae Terrae Ordo ab Chao

Be as harsh as you like. Our country has been hijacked. Never have we been more oppresed, less democratic and less free. It is a country of fake crime, diminishing free expression and free speach. Silencing of public debate and thereby ever increasing extremism

Paedophiles are celebrated while Tommy Robinson is incarcerated, But you never seem to care for children do ya? This is how they rule ya. Owen Benjamin song for Tommy,

I dont care no more, coughing up blood every day, cos of shit they put in the air. Block the Dartford Tunnel for 3 days and this country will collapse. Block the M20 traffic jams all the way to paris. We have the power, all they have is a uniform, Rise up now or suffer a Civil war.

Raise jihad on that like button

The media is focusing on the only person who has nuts in Europe
The don’t want men they want lambs in Europe

Well, as a Canadian (who is in an equivalent mess as the UK), it’s not that our population shares the same values in the US (nor does your population share your common American values. Obama had an eight-year run, and he was pushing things in the direction Europe and Canada have gone. If your population shared your common American values, you wouldn’t have pundits worrying about the country being on the brink of another civil war. Things are a mess everywhere.) What Canadians share with the US (and the UK, too, I think) are the same constitutional values. Most of the same basic protections by law. Canada has its Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees us freedom of speech and religion. Then we elected leaders that directly contravened our Charter by sneaking in legislation to steal our freedoms of speech. We’re hopefully on the verge of hitting the eject button on this leadership. But it’s the same deal with the UK. And it could happen in the US. Your constitution is only a piece of paper if someone doesn’t enforce and defend it. It doesn’t matter how good your laws are if you have leaders bent on breaking them and contravening them. Who’s to stop them? They are the powers that be. The populace? Not if the brainwashed majority is in favour of what they’re doing. I think the populace is starting to wake up after starting to see the real-world effects of the left’s ideologies. The US ousted Obama and went in a very different direction. The Brits protested with Brexit. France has its yellow vests. Pretty sure Canada has had a bellyful if Trudeau. But the problem is not that western nations don’t share the values and laws of the US. It’s that our leaders are intent on breaking them.

The most stunning thing that I have taken from your presentation so far I think I’m about 30 minutes in is the fact that the British authorities were concerned that Tommy was causing grief or might cause grief to 10 convicted pedophiles who were just about to be sent in school had already been sentenced and yet the mainstream media in Australia have been vilifying and almost crucifying for several years now Cardinal George Pell who has only recently been found guilty of I think it’s a total of 3 charges of sexual assault against two boys the the testimony itself sounds questionable to me not because I’m a Catholic although the fact that I am or the fact that I’m Christian give us me the knowledge at least that the evidence presented is just too flimsy so if the Australian media called report on George pell’s case throughout the trial I don’t know if the jury is locked away in Australia or not I’ve never served jury duty I must look that up the opponent of George Pell and there was a very large Auntie cheer squad which he had to walk through every time he went to court so if Tommy Robinson had to go to jail and possibly still can go to jail for what he did then maybe the news casters in Australia should have to go to jail for what they have done because surely they have influenced the jury against George Pell and while we’re on the subject of rape the opposition leader in Australia the could be next prime minister has also been accused of rape however police find that there is insufficient evidence to charge him when there’s more evidence than was available that convicted Cardinal Pell I’m sorry that my comment was so long I had a lot to get off my chest