Tommy Robinson Seeks Political Asylum in the U.S

Tommy Robinson was recently found guilty on contempt of court charges for filming outside the courthouse following the trial of an Islamic grooming gang. Robinson is now asking President Donald Trump and the Republican Party to grant him and his family emergency political asylum in the United States. Should the U.S. grant Robinson’s request? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Where is Tommy Robinson now?
I’m embarrassed by my government

All this going in now in the world is to separate families in the name of medical safety. This way the pedophile elite’s have easy pickings of the children.

You remember.
one day you will be like him, you will have the same habit …

David, – Great you have backup platforms. ‘Minds’ tho, I’m not sure. Like Bitchute it’s just the one resolution setting but quality looks far better than Bitchute. But Mines Autoplay is quite bad. I hope it evolves… I Don’t get autoplay, & that’s the worse example I’ve seen. Scroll down, every video plays…, Stops when you pass. No button or setting.
Sorry, not meaning to sound female dog like. Yes, a good youtube option/alternative very badly needed now. But, you’re still here and I gotta applaud YOUTUBE.:tv::selfie::point_left:

You’re a good man David. Keep up the good fight. So pleased to have your wit will and wisdom on our side.
We really need everyone, especially those that, like yourself give it all.
Thank You.


The brits govt TRULY SUCKS! They rented a property then later gave it to one of their colonies. It’s the reason you are now a basket case Clean up your act brit govt.

Update? Aug 2020?

Anyone who calls Tommy a hate preacher should watch his Oxford Union presentation. That being said, we cannot bring Tommy here and grant him asylum. We cannot afford the chilling of that relationship.

Updates? Is Tommy coming?

Yes David, there are people at the top who want to silence us. So it’s time you and the Evangelical Christian community wake up and stop being delusional into thinking the Jews are friends of Christianity. They hate us and want to see an end to our faith. They are also the very people running the show. We currently live a Jewish supremacy world. Stop giving them your support Christians. Wake up.


Get tommy out of our country please Donald Trump :pray:t4:

David Robinson David Wood collaboration

Seek asylum to Poland I’m sure no jihadis there

Come to Canada bro best place, nice people

How about we just send the people in the comments to him for protection.