Tommy Robinson Sent Back to Prison (for Journalism)

Tommy Robinson was sent back to jail/prison on Thursday, July 11, 2019. After being denied a trial by jury, a panel of two judges had convicted Robinson of multiple charges because he discussed the activities of an Islamic rape gang outside Leeds Crown Court. The judges then sentenced him to nine months in prison for journalism.

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“Rape of Britain”
doc Jan 29th

These disgusting phenomena, as well as terrorists acts, are virtually unheard of in my native Bulgaria, i.e. things such as these simply do not take place on our soil. I think you can guess why… yep, we don’t have any m…v…s…I…i…m l…M…l…G…R…A…T…l…0…N
edit: LOL, I had youtube deleting my comment numerous times, because of those last two politically incorrect words… I had to edit my comment step by step to figure out what the nazi youtube algorithm deemed politically incorrect. I’m guessing using some words in conjunction like T-acts (you know what I mean) + the last two words from above with the dots, will automatically trigger the comment-deleting algorithm. Fuck you youtube, and “thank you” for the freedom of expression you nazis.

Anti-Islam like Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, David Wood, Pamela Geller, Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson are the heroes of Humanity. Stars, Galaxies should be named after them.

Now Trump is being impeached and kicked off of Twitter for basically the same thing

World: lets unite and fight against this terrór cult

Who ever gave this thunbs down clearly support rape and child rape and abuse! FREE TOMMY

Hes not exaggerating anything in this video! Im from the uk.


damn imagine if guns were openly allowed in the UK

You don’t have any rights - George Carlin

The 132👎must be “journalists” as we know that &7rt re trtttee American. reporters would NEVER allow bias to appear in any of their reports!Remember that these reporters must be from that prestigious 8m of journalism, "The Threeiii88877 petty bashing

No one likes Tommy Robinson. Hes an absolute joke.

Hope all is well with you DW? Just checking in to say I’m praying for you! You are missed!

Britain is run by Pakistani origin jihadis . Britain is a gone case . Next victim as per my calculations is going to be either France or Canada .

As to harassment, the same happens in France with members of Génération Identitaire.

Another example of fake news. Most “news” sources are liars.

Tommy Robinson, perfect example of disarray of British government dishonesty. Shame on you, Teresa may punk, and your parliament.

A Christian Bible-thumper defends a felon convicted multiple times for assault, false passport, mortgage fraud and many more.Nothing strange here

Just a thought, does Tommy have any kind of prison bank account to buy food, toiletries, etc? I bet people would love to contribute to that if there were…