TOP FIVE Most Disgusting Facts about Prophet Muhammad!

Prophet Muhammad is revered by 1.6 billion Muslims (and many non-Muslims) as a beautiful pattern of conduct for people to follow. Nevertheless, when we examine Muhammad’s teachings and example in the Quran and Hadith, we find a number of disturbing facts that are difficult to reconcile with the Islamic claim that Muhammad was a wonderful person. In this video, David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses the five most disgusting facts about Prophet Muhammad. (Hint: Aisha, finger-licking, tongue-sucking, not bathing, and semen stains.)

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Now that you’ve been mesmerized by Muhammad’s spectacular hygiene practices, be sure to check out my video about how the Prophet of Islam dealt with LUST: What Muhammad Did When He Saw a Beautiful Woman - YouTube

Your name make me become hate “david” word, disgusting. May Allah give you and all the haters here azab soon in the world&hell. Is this really what Christianity teaches? Disgusting shit religion!

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True sir :fire:

You should be ashamed of this attempt to degrade my prophet and my religion. The facts are you are twisting words and trying your absolute best to make the prophet pbuh look bad. I won’t break down everything you said but I’ll give you a quick easy example that you can fact check on your own using Google translate, “fact” two (prophet used to have sex with all his wives in one night) what it says in Arabic (كان يتطوق) key word يتطوق meaning (circles) if you knew Islam, Arabic and my beautiful prophet you would know this meant that he would go around and check in on all his wives ever night.

yes he had 9 wives and that was not for personal gain (sex, pleasure) he married each one for a social or political reason, there were reasons behind every marriage and every wife completely understood the situation and agreed and further more he gave every one of them the same level of love and attention and empathy.


Piss be upon him


You talkin’ only bullshit :joy: good god, and whoever saying that he study the Islam religion for 20 years, tell him to read Qur’an in a live video he won’t and he can’t ik :rofl::clap:t2: all those 5 facts that he wants to tell you is nothing but bullshit :joy: and for your kind information we believed in Qur’an not other any fake source. Not he only many comes who tried say that muslim is fake their violent lol they never succeed because we all know what’s the truth. And that’s why Islam is one of the biggest religion in the world. Don’t make me laugh :rofl::clap:t2: take any mistakes from Qur’an and throw infront of us and then talk. Utter nonsense.
Edit: you’re Christian lol you believe in a human who never claimed himself as a god :rofl::clap:t2:

You must be in love with him

My message to you is “A little learning is a dangerous thing”. If you are having fun or feeling victorious by insulting my prophet, have all the fun my boy! The person you insulted is not just an ordinary rubbish illiterate person like you, He is the messenger of Allah! He is the friend of Allah! Just wait till the arrival of Malakul Maut( The angel of death). The moment you meet malakul maut, you will find out what you have done. Not only you but also the people like you. Allah is watching. Do whatever you do. Allah will give the rewards. Another thing. Please go to Muhaddis who can give you the proper explanation of all your illogical and baseless facts. Don’t do foolish and illiterate things publicly because we all know that you are nothing but a illiterate garbage.

Glad I watched this after my dinner, not during it.

Fuck Allah :kaaba::rofl:


allahu akber

Nauzbillahi min zaalik, your assertions are completely misleading, selective, out of context, deliberately abusive, malafied intention, May Allah bless you with Imaan if you are destined for it. Otherwise you are doomed.

You are not acting as a Christian in this you are ruining your argument by being unwholesome

Man. This is not considerate to put such a charicartur on the video. It is racist.