Top Muslim Channel Continues Proclaiming: “Muhammad Is God!” (TheMercifulServant Promotes Shirk!)

Last June, I posted a video showing that the top Muslim channel on YouTube (TheMercifulServant) was claiming that Muhammad is the God of the Bible. After watching my video exposing the blasphemy and shirk, MercifulServant continues proclaiming that Muhammad is God. Welcome to Islam.

“Islam’s 99-1 Rule”: - YouTube
My Original Video (“Top Muslim Channel Declares: ‘Muhammad Is God!’”): - YouTube
MercifulServant’s video (“Prophet Muhammad in the Bible: Truth Uncovered”): Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Bible - Truth Uncovered - YouTube

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Watch what happens when Zakir Naik tries to prove that Muhammad is the Holy Spirit: Zakir Naik Shocks Christians When He Says This! - YouTube

It will be good if they showed up with full scripture… if its goes in this way anyone can pick the word from each part and invent another revelation

I really can’t believe this people… they intend to screw up everything that right into wrong…


The Quran is a piece of Trash

0:42 maybe the changed parts r exactly those prophesis. Quran contains tons of prooves :blush: and u know it deep inside

More comedy is false prophet praising​:joy::joy:

If they say mohamed is holy spirit that’s means Jesus is mohamed God

This people’s are confused islamism are blind religious if you say something is corrupt why whan to the corrupt things to justify ur self

Ok Mr I know Everything
Jesus PBUH did mention that someone is coming after me, believe in him. Who is that Someone? Has anyone come except for Muhamad PBUH after Jesus PBUH. The Answer is NO.
And who really cares who believes and who does not. We know that you have to sound very Knowledgeable or you can’t EARN.
That has been our BELIEF 1,400 years ago and that’s our belief Today. May God have mercy on us.

Ohhh merciful servant , thy God will love you. Forgive yourself and pray to god.

I remember this argument. Someone in my Instagram dms randomly sent me merciful servants video. Funny stuff

Has anyone heard about nukes? That’s the D Day tool, it’s made to wipe of earth the day false cult tries to take over earth because of good ness of other rightful religion and peace…there is only one harmful cult on earth we all are suffering because of across world …I don’t need anyone need to guess it?

Merciful servant is a lier and a description. Deception is fundamental to Islam. It is taqyyah! Shame, shame, shame!

Isn’t it Old Testament and New Testament are corrupted?
According to Muslims sometimes Yes, alhamdullih! sometimes No, Astagfirullah i guess lol xD

Muslim converr stories channel"phrophet mohammed jn bible revealed video" also claims due18:18 and john 14:16 about Mohammed.:grin::grin::grin:thank God i watched this video

Did no one catch the muslim saying Jesus didnt triumph over his enemies? He certainly did. Jesus said no one takes my life from me but I lay it down on my own accord. The crucifixion WAS Jesus triumphing over his enemies and putting death sin by his flesh. His resurrection on the third day shows his triumph. Now he sits at the right hand of the Father until all his enemies are put under his feet. Muslims will disrespect the bible and its narrative while at the same time seeking its approval. Its so strange

God bless you David.

Even if most people don’t care, we need to expose the truth for the few that do.