Top Muslim Channel Declares: "Muhammad Is God!" (MercifulServant Goes Full Shirk)

The MercifulServant YouTube channel has posted a video titled “Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Bible.” After insisting that Muhammad that Isaiah 42 is a prophecy about Muhammad, the video goes on to claim that Muhammad is the “warrior” of verse 13. When we read what the verse actually says, however, we find that Muslim apologists have once again claimed that Muhammad is their God.

Watch the Full Video: Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Bible - Truth Uncovered - YouTube
Watch a Response by Islam Critiqued: - YouTube

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Thank you Mr. David wood for making such videos , you shed light upon issues more than us muslims. As a conservative muslim from the birthplace of islam I thank you for doing our work for us. Even i cringe sometimes Knowing that muslims just blindly follow what they are told and never criticize or ask the right questions. Your points are always valid. Keep up the good work.

A pig face is complaining :joy:

you idiots the easiest thing you can check is the fact that Mohammed may piece be upon him is only a messanger of God . its a big fat lie that only naive stupid people would fall for check yourselves what we muslims believe and not some idiot clown like this one you been listening to when i listen to his lies i just lol of how this fool is terriply misinformed🤣

you big liar only ignorant lazy idiots would listen to you and not even bother to do reaserch themselves looks like you and your naive followers really are gambling with your lives , how can somenoe be so blind to the obvious truth and risk their own fate wether you like it or not Islam is the only religion and Allah is one and Jesus may piece be upon him is his messanger the day will come when its too late if you dont open your minds and search for the right religion yourselves people you will find Islam to be the one isnt the fact that Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world a sign to you all just in case read the Quraan if you dare do read it with an open heart and mind .

No matter how much you try your attempts of speaking about a religion you are so ignorant of are hillarious. the fastest growing religion in the world will keep growing no matter how many idiots like yourself here will do. people just read the Quraan and they will understand on their own they dont need clowns like you.

Not shocked anymore. Now I’m actually shocked about Muslims telling the truth about their religion or anyone else’s. They get it from the Quran itself - it lies about Christians worshipping Mary and Jews worshipping Uzair (who never existed) etc etc etc etc But then Muslims also keep lying and reinventing the Quran as well as most other things about Islam.

I learn a lot from you brother David ,God bless you and your family and friends and ministry , I’m praying for you

muslims are taught from age 3 to believe this lies and distortion is frightening. The virus cannot be cured it can only be destroyed

the fight is not against flesh and blood, it’s against principalities…may God bless you my Christian brothers and sisters … may God touch the hearts of those who do not know the truth …


this guy is a jahil everyone who believes him are jahils, may Allah guide you and everyone who follows you

I watched some videos of merciful servant he’s an antichrist and one of biggest liar in youtube…

Naw I’m not shocked, my grandparents and great grandparents before they died have told me what the muslim used to do when they were occupying Greece and continue to in Cyprus. They were and a few continue to do horrific things to Christians and people who refused to switch faiths, from a real religion to an oblivious fake one that is spread by the sword, trickery and lies. I don’t understand how some people don’t see it. Like their moral compass is instantly broken when they accept Islam. Adultrous relationship, pagan worship, murder of innocent people, pedophilia, stealing, and extortion. That’s the way to God and eternal life?!!! Not forgive and love all man, turn the other cheek, give to the poor, adopt those who are less fortunate, do not blaspheme and I can go on and on. Even without religion these are how people should be raised, not being as in the Quran trading animals for other animals. That one is about trading all nonbelievers and actually condoning the slaughter of said people. So in Islam we are all the worst of animals and deserve to be killed in the name of mohammed. It just gets worse and worse as you find out more and more about (the religion of peace) lolol funny how they can go at fly planes into a huge metropolis kill thousands then have that same population claim that they are peaceful people and religious beliefs. Wake up people unless you want to be killed by an extremist jihadis!

They have more subs then you
You clout chasin hahaha

Is this against ISLAM

Mohd is god ? Wow it was expected…
Mohd is not mentioned anywere in the bible . If bible is corrupted y r u trying to prove that mohd name is available in bible ? So stupid

After all, Islam is was birthed and practised by liars.

Islamic God Muhammed

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