Top Muslim Channel Wants Us Banned (MercifulServant Goes Full Censorship Jihad!)

The MercifulServant channel is the top Muslim channel on YouTube. After YouTube announced its latest crackdown on “hate speech,” MercifulServant wasted no time in encouraging Muslims to mass-flag channels that are critical of Islam, in order to get them banned. MercifulServant’s subscribers replied by flagging David Wood’s videos (along with videos by the Apostate Prophet, Abdullah Sameer, and others) and by asking YouTube to deplatform Acts17Apologetics. Will the new campaign of “censorship jihad” be successful? David Wood discusses the issue.

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They just don’t want us to see the truth.

David cant be censored. He’s using quran and Islam manuscripts. You should be flattered, somebody bothered to fact check.


well it didn’t work
2021 baby

I think I know why you can’t show his face.
He didn’t die, but entered the 7th century version of the Witness Protection Program after his illicit dealings with said 9 year old.

The END of time is near! May god guide you :slightly_smiling_face:

“No one in this world is hated more then people who speak the truth” -a wise man

2 years later…

In Your face i can clearly see satanic look.

La3anat allahu 3alaik

Christianity is a myth …

fuck u

"With the first link the chain is forged. When the first speech is censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, we are all irrevocably bound.” - These words were spoken by a wise man, as wisdom and warning at the same time. When a person’s guaranteed freedom is curtailed for the first time, it is a harm to everyone.
Freedom of speech and opinion is associated with integrity and principle. Whoever fights against this high good wants to corrupt it and ruin our way of life.
We all believe to be so progressive, torture of heretics, burning of witches, violent religiously motivated conquests we consider history. And then, before you know it, suddenly everything threatens to start all over again. Villains who comb their beards are easy to spot, but those who dress themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.
Even a “trust and safety team” must first earn these characteristics and attributes, and not just be present to gain more power “in the name of righteousness” at the right moment, to spread insecurity, and create avoidable trouble. Vigilance is the price we have to pay continuously.

Son of god was a term used in olden days to show how good someone was.

More than year since and David still going strong, good!

Muslims 1 year ago: BAN ACTS17APOLOGETICS

David Wood now: I’m still here

This (video clip…) only goes to show how truly scared out of their minds all these delusional, lying, disrespectful and arrogant Keyboard Jihadists are - You’re obviously doing something right, David Wood!
Some people clearly need to study the definitions explaining the difference between criticism and hate speech…
G-d Bless, my Brother in Christ!:two_hearts::pray:


Over a year later,and you are still here