Top Muslim Charity “Islamic Relief” Exposed for Supporting Terrorism and Antisemitism

Islamic Relief is the world’s largest independent international aid agency inspired by Islamic humanitarian values. Unfortunately, the charity is having trouble finding a director who doesn’t openly support terrorism and antisemitism. The entire leadership board for Islamic Relief Worldwide has now resigned. David Wood discusses the issue.

For more on this story, read “Entire board resigns at Islamic Relief Worldwide,” by The Times:

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Same can be said about Jewish businesses etc who send money to Israeli outfits who then go and terrorise and murder Palestinians?

If you don’t side with humanity you’re blinded sided by the side you support.

If killing and oppressing the weak and most vulnerable is acceptable because they are from the other side then your moral compass is broken.

Im from palestine im against hamas because im exmuslim who refused terrorism

1:56 which Quranic verse is that?

this guy and the people in the comments are so full of shit it’s hilarious haha

Sure it’s from the U.K. & Germany.:relieved: Lol these countries are doomed cuz of Islamism. They still have time otherwise they’ll become “United Sultanate of Great Britainistan & N. Irishstan” & “Germanstan”.:laughing::fax::100:

I was about to donate for the Free Palestine movement and thought I should do my research on the group, lucky I did

Islamic relief don’t Support terrorism…stop it’s enough , it’s really enough!

Hey look, it’s the ad that plays before your videos.

And still Islamic Relief has helped more than you can ever hope to achieve in your life LMAOOOOO

Well they have supported millions of people worldwide,while u just sit n rave online with ignorance and half knowledge!!!
Instead of inciting hate do something good with your life!

Hhh u know what I never think to give them my money. But after this video I gonna do a monthly donation :sunglasses::kissing_closed_eyes:

This guys is a bigot…with alot of garbage in his head. Feel sorry for you.

I’d say the similar thing but in different context as well about Christianity or other religions in that manner. With all due respect, regarding taking an advantage of people’s money for example, there are numerous churches and their pastors collecting the donations that were mean to be given to the church, but instead pastors would secretly steal and use the money, and of course, this counts as a criminal act. Not to mention child molestation. My point is, every religion has pros and cons. I respect your knowledge and research efforts and findings, but I hope you realize that not everything about Islam is negative, just as not everything about Christianity is negative. I’ve worked with Christians and Jewish community in the past and had never experienced any negative problems. Same goes with Muslims. This doesn’t mean Christianity or Islam or any religion is 100% perfect. Always room for improvement. So, the point of understanding that there are two sides to every story (in this case, pros and cons of a specific religion) is necessary. I am a human being, and just happened to be a Muslim due to family and culture influences. That does not authorize me to point my finger towards negative things about another religion. And yes, I am absolutely against the barbaric, disgusting and ridiculous “laws and rules” about Islam. Some of these “laws and rules” are also present in other religions as well. However personally I believe that a religion is a guide and a system we choose to reshape our negative behaviors and thoughts into positive direction. Faith is something else. Believing in a system and believing in GOD is two different situations. And it is up to that person, to choose which system he or she wants to channel himself/herself to reinforce the faith furthermore.

Just a personal opinion.

in islam best way is
Don’t give charity to any organisations
give charity to direct the people who has need

if any one give charity just for publicity then it has no Value in islam
while giving charity try give without presenting u.
give charity to people give this way : if ur right hand give charity then ur left hand cannot know that ur right hand gave charity
who has Right to get charity?

  1. The poor (al-fuqarâ’), meaning low-income or indigent.

  2. The needy (al-masâkîn), meaning someone who is in difficulty. or a children who do not have father and other supporter

  3. Zakat administrators.(not to any terrorist organisations )

  4. Those in bondage (slaves and captives.

  5. The debt-ridden.

  6. In the cause of God.( not to any terrorist organisations , they just try to fool muslim that we are doing zihad for islam but Reality is they kill innocent non Muslim and Muslim brothers and sister but is forbidden
    original Zihad is fighting with own evil intention . ( ex:- my hart want to tell lie . then i must have to zihad. no alom u cannot tell lie to someone. i will not do.)

  7. The wayfarer, meaning those who are stranded or traveling with few resources.


Each time they got exposed they used the miracle of reinterpretation

Many homeless Muslims get turned away by mosques and be told to go to church-owned shelters.

The charity sounds more like a front for funding organized terrorism… it’s obviously not charity!

Jesus is Lord

What he is saying is LIES Islam is not like that, infact the word Islam means peace. Just because people say this does not mean it is true!