Trinity or Tawhid? (Part Two)

The Quran commands Muslims to say to Christians: “Our God and your God is One, and unto Him we surrender” (29:46). But this is an odd statement, because the God of Christianity is a Trinity. Islam denies the Trinity and proclaims a doctrine called “tawhid.” In this video, Dr. Tony Costa introduces some of the issues in Christian-Muslim dialogue concerning the Trinity and tawhid.


he has eyes he don’t see with, ears he don’t hear with, and a blinded heart, you have no clue what u talking about at all.there is no god but Allah, how cloud u associate creation with Allah, how can a one who is born into a woman ever be clean, Allah is The creator, the owner of everything in between 7th heavens and the Earth, Allah created everything Allah is Great and bigger than anything u could ever imagine,

The trinity is not biblical!

I don’t care what people think of David Wood, I really love people like him. He makes me to re-think about my belief, and indeed he has shown many evidence of which Muslims is either did not know about Islam or hiding the fact.

May God blesses you – David and your family a smooth life journey.
Btw: I am already in your Facebook friend list. :slight_smile:

Aaaand after all that casuistry and chicanery we come to the emperor´s new clothe moment :
If the Bible says that God is a triune diety,why don´t the Jews hold trinitarian beliefs? And why do Jews see trinitarianism as shituf ( i.e shirk,polytheism,full-blown idolatry) ?

Where does a single god learn to love, if there wasnt a first love in the beginning…?
The bible says that Jesus was Gods first love, even before creation. This is why we all have the gift to love one another, but choose to allow the world to take away that love, and destroy us for eternity. Only Jesus gives you that love. Claim it and turn from sin people. Biblical prophecy shows that the Rapture is very much around the corner. Please do not miss it. I pray eyes are opened, and more importantly, hearts.

Islamists think they know all this, and as the Koran reveals by its constant orders to behead and attack, and use terror against the followers of Jesus, and the Jews, they are envious of Christians, and envious of the chosen people of YHWH.

Quran implies that the trinity is God, Jesus AND MARY…which is wrong. If that is wrong, then the Quran is wrong and false.

Good work Dr. Very encouraging and educational

I agree with all of what the presenter said except for the discussion on God’s love. Gods love in the Bible is not unconditional because God only loves those whom He chooses and does not love the wicked. A man does not love his wife the same way he loves someone else’s wife, otherwise there will be trouble
God’s love is conditional on the basis of His own nature and decree for Salvation.

“Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated” ~ (Malachi 1:2–3; Romans 9:13)

Even Jesus in the New Testament when He speaks of those whom He will condemn for destruction says to the wicked “I never knew you; depart from me you workers of iniquity” ~ Matthew 7:23

Gods love discriminates between individuals.


Hi there, i had a talk with a friend the other day and was surprise that he says he is a christian but don’t believe in the trinity. 3 persons in 1 being. but believes that God is one and He comes in 3 forms… which is Father = Son = Holy Spirit. We had a discussion and he quoted John 1:1 and explain that the Word was God and that he is the same. I show him many verse that Jesus prays to the Father but he says Jesus need to say this because the jews will not believe that he is God. My concern will be, he seems be very firm with his believes. Are we believing in the same God?

Dr. Tony Costa is phenomenal.

@Myase Saleh yes the Trinity is Biblical

+Myase Saleh in this case and as Dr. Costa said, Tawheed is not quranic!!!

First of all, the texts in the video addressed Christians. Appealing to modern Jewish theology to inform us about Christian doctrine is a categorical error. Whether or not you think the Trinity is the historical position of ancient Judaism or not, Christianity has always held to the doctrine of the Trinity, and it is Christianity that the Surahs in this video address (not modern Judaism).

Secondly, Jews did hold to Trinitarian beliefs. A good example is Philos Judaeus.

@Jimmy Stephens
" First of all, the texts in the video addressed Christians …"
I wonder why the texts in a video addressing christians mentions Muslims,Tawhid,Qur´an Mecca, Muhammad e.t.c .

" Christianity has always held to the doctrine of the Trinity " .
This is not true.
Christians have historically held differing beliefs concerning the nature of God.

" Secondly, Jews did hold to Trinitarian beliefs. A good example is Philos Judaeus "
Apart from the fact of Philo barely having any reception within Judaism (Philo - Wikipedia) Philo never held to any Trinitarian beliefs about God.

The idea of God as a duality or trinity is heretical in Judaism - it is considered akin to polytheism (God in Judaism - Wikipedia).

@Mamadou Traore , you said, “I wonder why the texts in a video addressing Christians mentions Muslims. . .” The text in question is the Quran and the passage in question claims the Christians and Muhammadans worship the same God. So, appealing to non-Christian theology (like that of modern Judaism) is a categorical error. The passage is addressing the relationship between Christians and Muslims, not merely Jews and Muslims.

You said, “This [Christianity has always held to the doctrine of the Trinity] is not true.” Indeed, it is true. In the first place, the Trinity is ubiquitous in the Christian Scriptures (e.g., Genesis 1:2, Exodus 3:2-4, Judges 3:10, Psalm 2, Luke 20:41-44, John 3:6-8, John 8:24, and many other passages). Secondly, the historical confessions/creeds of the church witness to Trinitarianism (cf. Nicene Creed). Finally, there are no examples of Christian non-Trinitarianism, unless you absurdly define heretics as orthodox Christians (e.g., gnostics); if this is not the case, give an example of a historical figure who was a non-heretical non-Trinitarian Christian.

“Philo never held to any Trinitarian beliefs about God,” you said. This is patently false (cf. Trinity > History of Trinitarian Doctrines (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)), but as this is a manifestation of the fallacy of refuting the example, I need not address it further. There are countless examples of Jews holding Trinitarian beliefs - many of them are historically recorded in the Torah - and it was not considered heretical. Yes, it is a heretical belief according to modern Judaic theology but (a) that is not the same Judaism as existed in the ancient, classical, and early church times; and (b) that is not the same Old Covenant Israel (viz. Judaism) that Christians consider their historical predecessor. Thus, your point is both an equivocation and a categorical error (the latter because you are using theological views without authority on Christian theology).

@Mamadou Traore , two things:

1.) I already pointed out that this tangential rabbit-hole you are attempting to put us down is the fallacy of refuting the example. I stand by my example (i.e. Philos); however, even if you could refute it, that refutes the example, not the point which it exemplifies.

2.) Ironically, you addressed none of my other points. I suspect this is because your only hope of rebutting me is the use of invalid arguments, like those red herrings that draw the hounds to the examples instead of the actual claims.