Trump, Muhammad, and the Southern Poverty Law Center

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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was recently selected by Google and YouTube to police online content and identify hate speech. The problem, of course, is that the SPLC is a radical leftist organization that classifies anyone the group disagrees with as bigots and hate-mongers. In this video, Vocab Malone, Jon McCray, and David Wood discuss the problem.

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Here’s the all-time greatest video series on YouTube:

Thanx for all the great work you lads do it realy chears me up.
All the best.

Brilliant expose on the self righteous hypocrisy of the uninformed extreme left. God bless you Doc

these channel promotes xenophobic and racist ideas

I knew 666 would be Mohammed’s channel.

This video is EPIC! I laughed so hard i almost had an accident!

I am a Trumpster but kind of like the rest - lol!

This is what I imagine liberals do all day. They just sit around jobless feeling outraged and trying to be self righteous. The only thing missing is the bong and they should be inside the basement, not the living room. I like how one plays the fake loud-mouth intellectual, another plays the stoned bum, and the other one plays the guy who just agrees so he will fit in.

Satire at its absolute best. Keep up the good work David.

The SPLC is highly profitable and extremely lucrative line of business. A place where lies and misinformation come together to destroy Individual Freedom, Rights and Liberties as well as the moral fabric that needed for us to keep our Liberties.

2:48 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

“We’re gonna build a wall”



This video deserves 1 million views… Epic!!

Keep it up guys. Love it! Hope no more ignorant people on islamic teachings. Definitely satanic teachings & revelations.

I am critical of ALL religions equally.

channel numbers are cool! Brilliant video…

looks like David you might be harmed badly…