Trump vs. Muhammad: Round 1 (A Reply to Craig Considine)

Rice University sociology lecturer Dr. Craig Considine has tweeted: “Prophet Muhammad protected ethnic and religious minorities with all his might. A far, far cry from Trump’s approach.” Is Dr. Considine correct that Muhammad treated religious minorities better than Donald Trump? In this video, David Wood examines the evidence.

Muhammad vs Hitler rap battle, let’s go.

Damn if you’d take Killary Clinton over :joy:over Muhammad, Muhammad must be really bad

Muhammad protects minorities YES hen has breast

A great lesson. Love it.

Amen Praise God 2JESUS CHRIST Name Tnx 4 Sharing God bless you Sir David Wood

Are you sure his name is not Craig “Asinine”?

Good idea trump short it down

Glad you pointed out the Huff Post, I remember seeing their articles and being shocked and haunted.

That stupid leftist professor needs to be taken to task by either Mark Durie or David Wood in a public debate.

Dr Considine is a straight duche and a POS. He lies thru his teeth and deserves to go to Pakistan and convert to islam and try to live his life as he does here. I betcha he would have his own special video where he does a magic trick where he removes his hat and head by isis.

it means the disbelievers trying to kill you. trump has nothing to do with anything.

I want this guy as the US president

If a religion say if a person try to leave kill him he is trying to leave cause he has found a truth in another religion like nabil :heart: there abuse him cause he knew the truth :heart:

Cheers & God bless from 1066 Country, Hastings…
…5 years later, David! :slight_smile:

Always remember, Considine is a heretic, he doesn’t even believe in the dogma of his own church that says “Outside the Church there is no salvation”. Add to that a host of other denials of established dogmas.

I’d prefer the senile cognitive tard Biden over Muhammad…

If you follow quran you will be the best person on earth. Just do the opposite whatever it says.

You gotta love the Trump!

Such a good video!!!