Twitter Bias Exposed Again (Why Jack Dorsey Wants to Control You)

Twitter isn’t a platform for sharing information. It’s a platform for controlling information. All of the major social media sites are manipulating you in their pathetic efforts to spread their own political and moral agendas. Conformity is the goal. Bias is the fuel. Banning is the weapon. Don’t let Jack Dorsey lead you off a cliff.

David Wood discusses social media deplatforming.

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That’s bad on Twitter’s part. Never joined up yet never will perhaps

Came back a year after and shit has hit the fan

It just struck me, they’re running the 3 levels of jihad. Used to be weak and so didn’t interfere so much, then claimed to be cracking down in defence and now they’re just taking anyone out as they wish.

Youtube and Amazon are as bad as Twitter. Youtube and Amazon de-platformed Dr. E. Michael Jones from both sites because he wrote an e-book called “Jewish Privilege” which refers to censorship by the ADL. Zuckerberg’s Facebook just hired an Israeli as their main censor for the USA. Until you take on this censorship, you are only playing around the margins and you can’t be taken seriously. Talmudic censorship arises from an anti-First Amendment ideology which pushes a foreign concept called: “hate speech” There is no such thing as “hate speech” in America but people like Senator Josh Hawley will never fight against this form of censorship because he gets millions from the Zionist Lobby in America from Zionist billionaires like, Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson.

0:51-1:05 This is the most accurate description of Wikipedia that I have ever heard.

Twitter :x:

I feel good that I have already stopped using twitter. Let them only hang on their so called protocols, without any users.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been watching your videos and whenever I see an ad - it’s for Islamic charities and they quote verses from the Quran/Muhammad promoting giving etc…

It seems Youtube are using ads to promote Islam on videos they would consider as ‘Anti-Islamic’, making your videos seem less significant.

I hope you get paid off of these pro-palestine commercials

Why are you idiots so surprised to learn that the social media you love so much really just wants to own you?

Dorsey can’t even control his own premature ejaculation with his soyfriend, let alone us or Trump!

Twitter is private company, and no one is forced to go on it or post to it. I don’t, mostly because it’s an incredible waste of time – the stupidity found there is of the purest kind: rich and uncut by any sort of wit or acumen, unsullied by charm, untrammeled by intellect. The difficulty for them, naturally, is that it is also a public forum in the same way that a corner diner is a public venue, which cannot discriminate against customers or deprive them of their civil rights. A completely private company is subject to all kinds of laws regulating what they can and cannot do. So some rules do apply, from a legal standpoint, to it – and if Twitter is taking advantage of the internet (“invented” by the Defense Department oddly enough, the DarpaNet), certain rules do apply. That is the left wing mindset – get the government to clamp down, so David Wood is absolutely correct here that the market is the best revenge. Twitter will go the way of the Betamax eventually (who knows what THAT is?). In the meantime, it’s a silly medium for silly people to say silly things to other silly people in a silly way using a silly lexicon.

Sign me up

I never care for Twitter or Facebook, just never need to use it. The new Gods for these people are sex, information and power.

The thought police have
Spoken silence

Ex Muslim here. Some Skinny Saudi prince owns more share than anyone on Twitter and it’s now Sharia controlled zone where Jews will be targeted and Islam will be protected.
Basically it will be the internet version of Saudi Arabia.

So, I am not surprised that twitter has a Sharia internet law.

Soon anti Islamic posts will be declared Haram on Twitter :joy:

I called Michelle wolf a fake trump derangement comedian on twitter and I got banned and removed instantly …the only way they would give it back is if I would remove my comment so I dropped the account all together. .I love how they could say whatever they want only if your a liberal hater

Never used it… never will

Capitalism lets us choose who we support.
Communism chooses who we can support.

They want to abolish capitalism because we still have the freedom to choose differently than they want us to.