Twitter Declares War on Ex-Muslims (Jack Dorsey vs. Apostate Prophet)

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter recently banned the Apostate Prophet for a tweet that stated indisputable facts about Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam. Should social media platforms be banning ex-Muslims and critics of Islam, who are under Sharia death penalties for apostasy and blasphemy? During a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Dorsey dodged questions about Twitter’s deplatforming policies. Meanwhile, those who are leaving Islam (whether they become atheists, agnostics, or Christians) continue to be deplatformed for daring to criticize or question the religion that calls for their deaths.

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Alhamdulillah :heart:
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world in past 10 years after 9/11 thanks to America who play 9 11 game by usama bin ladin to demote islam but Allah is the best planner …
And with out any sword :joy::wink:

You guys keep objecting islam it helps non muslims to search for islam and when they search for islam they become muslim :star_and_crescent::heart:

Apostate Prophet YouTube Channel is banned in Pakistan, all I can see his videos is from Al Fadi’s YouTube Channel


its 2020 and ex muslims still make posts on twitter.

Muhammad held grudges?

Social media are arseholes specially twitter if you talk as left wing its ok they will accept because these people are liberals morons who just dont have idea what is liberty.

After Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees to enter the USA and settle down in Minnesota, that state’s ethnic landscape changed radically. Christianity and light began to disappear in a sea of darkness and Islamia.

It seems like so long ago now when Minnesotans were mostly Americans And when English was the tongue of the land. But those days are totally gone. They’ve been replaced. English has taken a backseat to, of all languages……Arabic

Muhammad not a prophet, islam is a political and a religion (Islam is a political before be a religion) comparison: Suppose if Mohammed is a (Dictatorial president), then, we don’t want him judge us, why Twitter suspend us ?

Why Twitter let the anti trump Speech, and let the anti trump speak in the news, then , wjy Twitter suspend us .
Are Twitter think Mohammed a prophet ?

I mean in general :
Islam not a religion 100%.
muhammed using a religion for establish his empire …
Why the twitter let the people speak against America presidents , but , the people can’t speak against islam .
Is Twitter think islam just a Religion???

All Twitter Staff , Don’t be happy .
I want you to be the loser.
I want the Fail for twitter…

We love muslims
We love ExMuslims
We Will Revenge against Twitter

Does this guy use any intellect? Didnt he get destroyed in a debate? Go find Mohammad Hijab.

On point!!!
Knowledge is Power my dear! :slight_smile:

Pisacha darma mahamada musalman, om peace for the world

Please muslim…wake up ur mind,open your heart,open your eyes…i know,it is hard to believe that islam is not true religion…bcoz That’s u believe since u were a baby…That’s what am i,now im not believe that,bcoz There’s so much fear in islam…im not saying my muslim friend and family and all muslim people is bad,…no,u are kind,very kind…but when abt people trying to defends their opinion,especially abt islam…must be u trying to banned them,or kill them,or talk bad abt them…please,thats not humanity…before u wannt to know is islam is true religion or not,pls study abt others religion also…from that u can compare it,then u see from your eyes and open mind,u will see the truth…

Look how nice , is a sin to kill a spider , so Islam is a very peaceful religion according to mom and dad.

I think this girls never read the Quran completely or her parents now she is not ready to face the Darkness of the Cult.
Wow , maybe 1/2 of Muslims were pulled to this Cult by there parents by then telling them a fairy tell a the beauty of Islam.
I didn’t now that in a religion you can teach your children your own ideas rather the truth of the holy books !:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Tell the true story of bial ibn rabah

Get ready for being banned

6:18 So, according to the Qur’an, 5.5 billion people are the worst of creatures.