Twitter Sued for Hosting Child Pornography

Twitter has been hosting and profiting from child pornography for more than a decade. The latest lawsuit, brought by the National Association on Sexual Exploitation on behalf of a victim, accuses the platform of “benefiting from a sex trafficking venture in violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act”; “violation of duty to report child sexual abuse material”; and “receipt and distribution of child pornography.” Since Twitter is hosted by Amazon Web Services, we can only assume that Amazon has no objection to Twitter’s activities.

For the New York Post article quoted in this video (“Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit”), click here: Twitter sued for allegedly refusing to remove child porn

To read the lawsuit, click here:

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Sorry I’ve been gone for a few days. I’m building something. It’s going to be epic.

Seems like Elon isn’t doing anything either :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thank you. The story is being BURIED right now. I’m writing a Police report and then publishing it. Everyone needs to make this report and kick Twitter out. I cannot find news articles or videos.

Wow this is insane. So sad.

Once they made the statement about how they fight CP, I would’ve sued them again for false advertising. Not only for money but to just hone in the fact that they did nothing about this.

I wanna get a job at Twitter to stop this shit

I was see the picture when i just looking at random topics

Oh my

This is what msm and social media want. They want to demoralize us and our children hoping that it can cause a teenagers and/or adults to off themselves. We need to hold the companies and people hiding behind did companies accountable. If that was my child I would sue and want those people arrested and charged. Straight bull crap, I wish I could cross paths with one of these tech giants. They think we can’t touch them because the Biden administration is backing them, not for much longer, the tides are changing and these terrorists and fake news outlets with social media will held accountable.

Jack Dorcy looks like he’s in the Taliban He banned Trump so that should tell you everything you need to know

I’ve mentioned this topic in another thread, the comment which linked to an article about this case, it was deleted by Youtube. Anyone else getting that?

Normal: I’m going to make a app and develop a community and a company and I will name the app Twitter
1/5 clown: I will ban people who has an opinion and who made a joke
2/5: I will let the most toxic people never be banned
3/5: I am going to keep videos or pictures of those who are bad and never take it down
4/5: I will take the bad thing down when I’m in trouble
Full Clown: Why does people hate me?

Please cover the traffickinghub movement next. Feel free to search the hashtag on Twitter

any updates ?

Big tech are going down :raised_hands: yip youtube too, tick tock…

They ban me and won’t reinstate my account for making fancams and memes, but kept abuse materials up and says it doesn’t go against their policy. bruh. that’s all sorts of messed up.

Twitter is down as of today’s date (no posting, or replying) for the same reasons you mentioned here.

All I have to say is mad respect to the Indian Police.


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