Two Debates in Michigan! June 19th&20th! Westland and Dearborn!

Click these links for more info:

Pack some heat…sell your cloak and buy a gun

Dagnabit! I live very close to Dearborn, alas I’m working out of state till the end of June. Will you be planning more of these live debates in the near future?

Awww man. Wish I had more notice.

I live about 7000 km from Harvest Bible Church in Michigan, so I’ll rely on an upload ;o)
I don’t expect too much from Sami, I still have his nasty debating style against Nabeel Qureshi on “Who was Jesus” in mind…I hope he changed.
Also people like Bassam Zawadi or Shabir Ally (who imo is the only really good Muslim apologist, and a nice guy) are very inconsistent at times, but at least with them I have the feeling they’re really interested in the other side’s answers.

“but inshaAllah he will get a taste of his medicine soon” Just curious what you mean by that.

So who would you recommend? And how do you propose to convince them to debate us? Zakir Naik, Shabir Ally, Yusuf Estes, Jamal Badawi–all of these men refuse to debate us. I think Sami is actually a better debater than the rest of them, at least on certain topics. I might go with Shabir on some issues, but Sami would run circles around the others when it comes to defending Islam.

Sammi is a joke, why even bother?