Two Debates LIVE (Sunday & Monday)

Here are the links to the debates:
Sunday, 4:30pm (ET): Can Christians Mock Unbelievers? | David Wood Vs Samuel Nesan - YouTube
Monday, 4:00pm (ET): Matt Dillahunty Vs David Wood (Acts17Apologetics) | God or Secular Humanism? | DEBATE - YouTube

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David, by now you should realize that Matt is a condescending debater. From his posture, his unwillingness to look into your eye, his non-chalance, his use of ad hominems and discrediting of your credentials. You should be more careful about how you debate people like him. Learn from him.

Brother David , Could You please let the Rabbi Singer know the TRUTH the GOSPEL ! ToviaSinger1 Thank YOU !!!

Dear David wood I do not know who started From the beginning to attack others people’s religions. We all from GOD WE GO BACK TO GOD the Creator of the heavens and the earth we non has the right to look down upon other people faith.the universes are created with truth we are part of this truth.we shall be pure and truthful.the universes are in peace and harmony. We shall be humble like the earth.GOD loves peace.

I hope you can do a review of your debate with Dillahunty so that the theistic arguments can be reinforced .

Hey David, I was wondering how you look back on the debate with Matt Dillahunty. Can you make a response or reflection on that video? The debate left me puzzled a bit on the issue, I would love to hear your take on it!

I can’t feed my horses because you used the entire nation’s straw supply for your arguments

Matt Dillahunty demolished you and you made yourself look like a fucking freaky weirdo with a violence complex.

Apostate prophet is secretly a Christian already. I don’t believe there will be any serious debate thing at all.

When jesus still on the cross say to david Wood are you hipocrate? please prope me a god not playing like kids hahahaha

Wood is just a dumb dishonest fat sleaze bag.

Can you provide links we’re both debates can be found, maybe up in the description? Thanks my friend. Edit… Or go ahead and mirror the debates on your channel would be great

The Debate with Dillahunty was amusing. What a school boy to be crying about you answering a question about the Bible…

Bro u r de best​:heart::heart:

“Secular humanism” : That sure sounds good to some, but it sure does taste funny.

Would love to see you go through the comments of the Dilly debate too, might be a good laugh show how little to nothing they have. Going through the comments seeing lots of Christians adding onto it making observations, all the Dillahuniests, are saying much to the effect of ‘lOl dAvId iZ sTuPid KiLeR!’ Remember, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” -Socrates.

I just watched your debate with Dillahunty. I don’t want to be impolite, but he tore you a new a$$hole. You were completely unprepared and outmatched. And just in case you don’t know, most atheists aren’t psychopaths; they don’t need the threat of being struck down with lightening to resist the temptation to cut other peoples heads off

[Quran 36:14] When We sent to them two but they denied them, so We strengthened them with a third, and they said, “Indeed, we are messengers to you.”

(When We sent to them two) Wahab said: Their names are John and Paul, (but they denied them, so we strengthened them) means: We strengthened, (with a third) with a third messenger, and he was Simon. And Abu Bakr read from Aa’sim: ‘so we strengthened them‘ by alleviating, which is in the first sense, such as your saying: We have emphasized and stressed by reducing and strengthening. And it is said: We have overcome their words: from the best of good. And Ka’ab said: “The two prophets are Sadiq and Saduq, and the third is Shalum, but Allah added the sending to him, because E’esa (upon him peace) sent them by his command of Allah (and they said) all of them to the people of Antioch,” (Indeed, we are messengers to you).

You humiliated yourself badly. But please keep believing in fairies or whatever your personal belief is, if that is everything that keeps you from slashing up babies.

What a repulse horrible individual you are, clearly lacking the most valuable and important aspects of humanity, sod off mate, no one wants to listen to your “opinion” about anything