Two Questions for Mansur Maliki

Mansur Maliki has agreed to answer some of my questions under certain conditions (not insulting Muhammad, etc.). I hereby agree to those conditions and ask two questions.

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yes u would be sentenced to death alhamdulillah

Converting to Islam( repenting ) wipes all sins. You are automatically forgiven. This is according to a Sahih Bukhari Hadith making a reference to the sins of a new born baby and the one has repented: Both are sinless.

On the other hand I’m surprised at the lack of knowledge by Muslims. No wonder people like David are succeeding when we as a community have fallen so ignorant that even with the message of truth we are unable to communicate it. I urge Muslims to educate themselves both scientifically and Islamically to rise in glory

Hi David, religion is believing in the unseen(Quran 02:03) and It’s all in you, between you and Him only. Even you declared yourself a Kristian, you still need to find Him until you are absolutely certain He is your One and Only God. Your Bible is the only reference you have and the same goes for Muslims with Quran.

About your 1st & 2nd Question, (Quran said in 02:217) if you converted and if you died, everything you did good in this world will not be considered by Him. Meaning there is still room and you are welcoming back to Islam as Allah is The Forgiver. To sentence you to death will be contradicted to this verse. UNLESS you converted and make an offensive word to Islam. Even you offence to other religions you will be punished if you are living in their country, it is under civilization law.

NOTE: Quran 04:137 also answering your 2nd Q. Peace be upon you…

What is the problem when someone points out muhammad and his life?

What’s happening with David’s necklace? Why is part of it going black?

can someone tell me why the bible says that jesus christ died on the cross but in another version of the bible or verse it says that hes a god? t

Surah Al Hujuraat 49:6 “O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.”

Christianity is an idolatry believe

How can the sin of killing “gods son” pay
For the sin of eating from a :deciduous_tree:?
Wouldnt that put us back in square 1?

If you repent the you’d be forgiven and the punishment will not be implemented on you bcuz in Quran Allah says the he will forgive shirk (which is the biggest sin) if you repent and i would if you did something bad and you actually never knew it actually a bad thing then how would you be held accountable for the so those people saying you will be sentenced to death are completely wrong if want to know more I have more examples.

You managed to get Nabeel Qureishi to your group but the deception cost you alot of your followers. They became muslim. The more you blast Islam, the more people will convert. Your friend Sam Shamoun the chaldean has gone crazy. Watch what is going on with himself.

your a joke to them get over it


Go bother the catholics and jehovas witnesses,santa

If you disagree you loose your life :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jesus is cursed Galatians 3 13
Jesus is blessed Mariyam 19 32
Decision is yours :point_up:

May our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST bless you abundantly David wood

Who want to be sarcastic on Muhammad…
We only show Quran, hadith and tafsir to the world… Does the world require anything more than that… Lol

Islam Losing its Grip

Indonesia‘s muslim percentage is decreasing and its urban culture + state government is becoming more and more secular. Iran‘s apostasy and atheism is on alarming rate, especially the youth is leaving islam faster than ever. Saudi get moderated by MBS, women are now allowed to drive, homosexual is now being considered not punishable. Turkey will lose its islamist grip the second erdogan gone from office. Sudan already repeal apostasy law. Malaysia banned Zakir Naik Public Speech (Even a very islamic country now banning muslim speaker). UAE, Bahrain are now neutralising their diplomacy with Israel. The general population in europe has negative view on muslim refugee. Central Asian Countries, even tho muslim are majority the population is so highly irreligious/doesn’t even bother to pray.

The growth of Convert in islam is only 0.3% is so pathetically low, despite the already overexposure of „peaceful“ islam by liberal media and dawa industry and especially after excluding the number of actual apostates in the country that make apostates a taboo or even punishable, the number of apostates would be increased some folds making its a negative net in conversion to muslim.

Islam is literally losing its grip and momentum, inside and outside.
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