UFOs and Religion (David Wood & Vocab Malone LIVE, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Vocab Malone will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing UFOs, aliens, and religious beliefs about them.

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Demons at their best, if you want to give them credit for anything. PTL!

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So these two people say they look at Scripture but they do not realize that a “chariot of fire” is a UFO? Have they looked at the verses about a “pillar of fire”? How about “pillar of cloud”. So the pillar could be lit or unlit like a cloud in the sky. Sounds like many UFO sightings today. Some are lit and some not depending on their energy level at the time of the sighting. How about in the New Testament. What is a “bright cloud”? What are “clouds of glory”? Coming with the “clouds” does not mean using a patch of water vapor as a vehicle. The “alien” discussion involves UFO pilots that are alienated. Can anyone think of angels that have been alienated from the one that traveled in a “pillar of cloud”?

Demons used another creatures from other scenario to cheat us to separate our beliefs of gospel… all of this is a tools to cheat us.

Devil is very smart … he make some alien and anything senario to blow the mind of the people to diversity of faith in every human being specially to those people who believe in our God

Back in the 70s, I was invited to a friend’s party celebrating his PhD. in Economics (yawn). I conversed with him for awhile and he was all into Von Daniken and the Nazca Lines. I had to wonder at his mind. P.S. As a history teacher, I’m so glad you explained the Galileo story. I always clued my students in about that myth.

Opening scene: 14th Century, somewhere in Arabia… A caravan is about to be robbed but unbeknownst to Muhammad and his crew the caravan is transporting viral zombie monkeys. During the attack one of the young girls gets bitten. Later one of Muhammad’s men gets infected by the young war booty girl and the infection spreads. Jabreel appears to Muhammad with a vision; strike at the necks of the zombies… Voiceovers by Ali Dawa. Rated PG, probably.

Every movie would be better with Snake Pliskin

Suposedly the USAF has a coolection of soviet aircraft (and german ones right after WWII). So i think the"it’s actualy military planes" conspiracy Theorie is more plausible.

In the last couple years we found out all the stupid undercover things the "elite’ can do…I wouldn’t be surprised if it were them flying over our homes in a saucer trying to listen into our conversations. :joy:

The Prince of the Power of Air, is not yet in hell… look up.

The only Unidentified Aliens are at the southern boarder

Decided to write “Is God Using UFOs?” after so many comments connecting UFOs and religion. You will find it on Amazon.

God is an extra terrestrial. He is NOT OF THIS WORLD!

So when the anti-Christ comes he will satisfy the Jews as their messiah and the Muslims as the Mahdi but will he satisfy the Chinese and other Asians? :slight_smile:

I believe in other dimensions though.

If there are aliens out there they didn’t reach our planet yet. I had an experience with that kind of aliens, same shape people telling about, but they were demons. The others are governments experiments, hidden flying objects and weapons.

Check out: Daniel Nemes Interdimensional Being Viewer

I, personally, believe that there is intelligent life out there but I believe that most of the UFOs we see are spiritual entities. I may well be wrong, but that’s what I believe