UK Debate Trip

first in 6 years

“Bring your ladders.” OHHHH SNAP!

In a sense the world is currently under Satan’s ownership (one could say this was even more true as the discussion you cite took place before the redemptive act of Jesus on the cross). Also, I don’t think it goes beyond orthodoxy to posit that in his human nature, Jesus may not have been as fully aware of his divinity as he was in his divine nature. So this temptation can also be seen as Satan trying to challenge the idea of ownership of the world already belonging to Jesus due to his divinity.

k with that. debate about islam is met with violence if the truth about it is discussed.

To “take down the dizzle” lala .Can’t wait to see Wood & co. on the debating floor.
God bless you guys.

Did you film anything from the Speakers Corner?

I really hope these will be on Youtube, and probably they will be.

Hey I’m from Bklyn! Wow! Praise God. Also, will you show this on Youtube?

Never… Ever let up on them, David…

Will there be a video of it shown here on the internet afterwards? I’d like to watch it very much here in the U.S., as getting there is out of the question for me.

Man… We love you… Please, don’t ever stop what your doing… Peace…

I live in Birmingham i bet you only get muslims turn up. Will you be uploading these debates on youtube? you have picked the capital and the 2nd city both have a lot of muslims not sure about Portsmouth, good luck, if i’m not working i’ll try to be there.

I’ll probably get there a little after 3:00 P.M.

What time you will be in the speakers corner?

Will you be filming the Portsmouth debate?

DID YOU SAY PORTSMOUTH! I’m from Portsmouth! Awesome!

We wish you’d video some of the debates. It might be helpful.

If you set one up.

Yo dizzle, i hope you packed some warm, waterproof clothing becuase there some serious drizzle going down in London.