UK: Leftist-Muslim Alliance Fracturing Over LGBT Training in British Schools (David Wood)

The alliance between leftists and Muslims is fracturing in the U.K. following the introduction of the “No Outsiders” program (championed by Andrew Moffat), which aims to teach school children about the LGBT (LGBTQ, LGBTQ+) community. Protests erupted in Birmingham, leading many schools to suspend the program until after Ramadan. Charges of Islamophobia and homophobia are flying back and forth. Will the communities learn to coexist peacefully, or will the leftist-Muslim coalition suffer irreparable harm? David Wood discusses the latest reports from BBC News.

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Now that we know how upset Muslims are with the British Government, check out how the British Government treats Christians: - YouTube

they eat each other ! he he he he

alien versus predator , no matter who wins we lose.

So this dude thinks the LGBT community will back down, not a chance.

Coming from someone who actually lives here, your information is a little unfounded and speculatory at best.

Great work
All the best

Supporting homosexuality and Islam at the same time is oxymoron

Islam promotes male genital mutilation too.

0:37 0:52

It’s still happening here. Forcing the agendas on everyone


Reminds me of a clip I saw if a Muslim man yelling at some gathering that he would “use the weakness of liberal policy (leftist) to promote Islam”.

We are not Homophobic. LOL

Waiting for west to become Islamized lol

Since Christianity hates lgbt people, the left is a natural alliance for the lgbt community.

Am all for them opting out of schools ,Infact opt out the uk whilst your at it,we’ve seen many invasions Vikings,Romans,you name it ,Islam will never take uk,

Gbu dw.

I’m gay and while I don’t agree with the current leftist ‘LGBT agenda’ I do feel that if I had to be taught Religious Education in high school despite the fact that I’m not religious then they can be taught that homosexuals exist as part of Sex Education classes. I don’t agree with either being taught too early but homosexuality is accepted in the UK and is legal, I don’t care if religious people disagree with it, I was taught about Religions I disagree with. :woman_shrugging:

Muslims are homophobes.
LGBTQs are islamophobes.
Fine them all for bigotry? :joy::joy::joy:

peace be upon me! David just pulled another one… lol