Understanding Bayes' Theorem

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Many people are intimidated by Bayes’ theorem, because it looks like a complicated mathematical equation. However, once we understand what the symbols represent, Bayes’ theorem turns out to be based on the sort of math we all learned in elementary school. To prove it, here’s a video of me teaching Bayes’ theorem to two of my sons (ages nine and ten). If they can learn it, you can learn it!

super-clear, thanks!

There is a really smart kid in that class.

Ae I thought he is only an apologetic but to my surprise he is also maths teacher


Keep rock’n the rhyme that’s right in time my friend.

I just learnt bayes theorem! I feel lucky to find this explanation.

This video explains Bayes’ Theorem without stooping to trickery used in other videos. I now get it. Thank you.

Easily the best explanation of Bayes Theorem I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot of them!) Awesome job.

Nicely Explained sir … Thank you
Love from India :heart::india::heart:

amazingly simple

This is one of the best and simplest explanation! Thanks David!

It was a privilege to see it unraveled; touted as an arcane concept, even among high schoolers
Epiphany!!! @ 13:00


Oh shit. I got confused at the end with that rock a rhyme. Oh. It’s tricky.

What? U are doing engineering? Please reply

P.S. …nice Run-D.M.C. reference!!

This is the best lesson I’ve watched thus far. …and it was fun! Thank you!!

Finally! An understandable explanation of bayes theorem

Hey David, you not citing Quran, Sura or Hadith makes your lecture unauthentic :stuck_out_tongue: