Understanding Islam in Under 60 Seconds (David Wood)

What is Islam? According to Pew Research, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion. Nevertheless, many people aren’t sure what Islam is. In this video, David Wood explains Islam in under 60 seconds.

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What a beautiful, crisp explanation exactly 1 minute :ok_hand:

Peace be upon you my prophet Muhammed.


His arrogance is disgusting and conveniently glosses over all of the violence and forced conversion in Christianity/Judaism, and ignores all the verses in the Qur’an that command the believers to respond to evil with good, and to invite others to Islam with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and to pray for those who reject Islam, to fight against oppressors, and conveniently ignores the fact that pagans and Jews broke peace treaties with the Muslims several times, and therefore the instructions on the right way to fight were given to the Muslims via revelation, etc. I could go on but I have work to do

David: islam teach to submit to Allah(SWT) unquestionably. 0:13

So wrong!!!
The Qur’ān has, time and again, invited human kind to ‘think’ on every matter significant or insignificant, making use of several distinct terms that signify thinking. These include tafakkur, tadabbur, tadhakkur, tafaqquh, and ta’aqqul. These Qur’ānic terms do not usually carry the exactly same meanings; they signify related yet distinct modes of thinking.

Quran invite readers to reason. Not blindly follow.


You’re clearly don’t know what does jihad mean
Allah said “there shall be no compulsion in (acceptance of) the religion the right direction is clearly distinguished from the wrong” (2:256) i don’t think that there’s sth clear then that
There’s a book called
A thinking person’s guide to Islam there’s a chapter chapter 11 called what is jihad
I recommend u to read it

Islam3is a burden and a scam.ONLY JESUS SAVES :heart::sunglasses:

Kalau dah yahudi sampai bila² akan tetap lawan islam dah terus sesatkan manusia.Memang sah David wood tahu semua itu cuma dia senjaga lawan dan kelirukan orang ramai agar supaya org christian terus tak nampak kebenaran.Memang nampak sangat kebodohan dia kerana tak mahu menerima kebenaran.Ramai yg bust kajian agama sampai mereka jumpa islam lah agama yang sebenarnya dan akhirnya mereka pun masuk islam kerana kebijaksaan mereka…

David Wood you’re perfecting saying the truthful

But its religion of peace :sob::sob::sob::sob:

He hee

Brother, your interpretation is moslty correct. But it is not like you make logic out of your own religion aka christianity. You are showing that you are just anti-muslim. Every belief is equal, no matter who is God or what is the sourse. I further think that you are against conversion because most leader lies. One God is false does not mean your God is true. Without religion there will be cults, so i am not to speak about this because we only need a accurate religion, in my known universe there is none same as there is no alternative to live your life with a religion. So to show their religion is better, they just lie same as your promotion of christianity, where you hide your truth by speaking the truth of islam. So it does not matter what religion i follow or how i follow it.


You were so fat back then David :joy:

David is not telling the full Verses from ISLAM…He have broken it into smaller sections …Thats why it sounds Weird …

Nothing special to understand Islam rather it “is a slam”

Wow! Easy to understand Islam!Please tell christianity in 60second…

Lmao at first of the video im seeing an ad of a guy whos saying come learn arabic to understands words of god
WOW youtube nice job