Understanding Muhammad: A 7-Hour Transformation

Seven hours ago, a Muslim commented that Islam is the greatest religion in the world. After seven hours of watching videos . . . let’s see.

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I’ll be LIVE with Sam Shamoun at 4:00pm (Eastern Time) proving that Muhammad is the god of Islam. Here’s the link: - YouTube

You truly have no life man. Your smug attitude does not convey anything like what I have felt from humble and sincere Muslims. I am an American born into a Christian family, btw.

Hahahahaha :joy:
I got transformed like that as well. But it took me 4 years to realise that.

I was a staunch Muslim a few months ago. I trusted everything those lying scholars said. But then I realized certain facts about the world that prove that God is a silly idea invented by primitive humans. I’m no longer a Muslim. I’m an atheist and I’m 19 years old. I’m so glad to be strengthening my disbelief in Islam everyday by watching your videos. Even though we may disagree on whether God exits, we still agree that Islam is false.

I really feel sorry for him and that he hates his name now…

Me too and proud

God bless you david

The only reason why people believe you is because you and the people watching don’t know the Arabic language and so therefore, when you say something in arabic they just have to agree with you. By the way, your arabic is so bad, that even a homeless guy can show you up. Secondly, you put verses out of context and that is because you don’t want to understand the trust and so therefore people go along with what you say withouting looking at the context. Lastly, you say it in a way that makes our viewers feel as if your right and there’s no other truth. However, the Islam your showing to people is the Islam you made up. Islam is the truth. Compare the Qur’an to the Bible. Who will win. There’s no doubt, the Qur’an will win.

I am an Indonesian and watch and listen to what you are saying with knowledge in mind…and you are saying the truth…as it is on the book…

John 14:28
“The father is greater then I”

Mark 12:29
“The Lord our god is one Lord”

John 5:30
“By myself I can do nothing, for I seek not my will but the will of my father”

Matthew chapter 21 verse 11:
“This is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth of Galilee”

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 24:
“The words you hear are not mine but my fathers who has told me”

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 229:
“The father is greater then all”

John 14:24
“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee only true god, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has send us”

How can Jesus (pbuh) be god? When he states that he is messenger and god is greater then him?
(Father is just another word for god)



Leave islam
Keep up the good work

I leave this false religion .Islam is money making machine (Hajj) for Saudi Arabia.Allah is selfish .80% muslim people are living Bangladesh ,India,Pakistan,Afganistan,Indonesia and Africa . Most people is ignore about Islam, they are poor and hungry but lier Allah given too much food for Saudi Arabia.

@acts17apologetics :heart:

I’m a Muslim, I remember when I was a kid I talked to my 4 years old brother about God and how he create us and stuffs after I finished , he said , God doesn’t exist, I was like : O, I was 7 years old so I run to mom to tell her that he is a no believer but she said , he is young he don’t know, but it’s weird cause in Islam we say everyone born muslim, again, I’m not disbelieving , I just want to share ma story, cause I find it funny

I love it, Islam is dying!!!

Read the Quran front to back, David is the truth! Muslims need to here it

Ex Muslim here!