Understanding the Islamic Bombing of the Boston Marathon

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Muslim brothers Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon. Yet the media are once again assuring us that such attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Does the Qur’an agree?

if only people would read their bible, there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings.
and no more “racism” bull*ht as calling out on a religion is not being racist, because a religion is not a race…


Fyi video said it’s potentially offensive to certain viewers

YouTube has censored this video from being viewed with a warning. YouTube is an Islamic apologist.

and here we have a non believer who think he knows everything. Okay, you, a non believer, will teach me a believer will teach me about MY religion. Alright buddy, you will find out the truth, in this live or the next.

It’s offensive for those that stink, to be informed that they need to wash their Hiney! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which goes back to the comment before

And yes a four-year-old could understand but the only thing they’re being taught is Marxism

People aren’t that stupid

There’s only two reasons David, one, they’ve been blinded by the great delusion or two, they are in on the deal

In order to see this video you are given a warning from YouTube that it’s inappropriate. In other words it is the truth, and the fascists at YouTube headquarters views it and decided it’s offensive. Or somebody told them.

YouTube treats us all like babies, but in their leftist mentality, they’re too stupid to know they draw people to videos like this by slapping these ridiculous restrictions on them.
What rubes…but they can’t help themselves.

Hello David,

I have just watch another You Tube presentation by a Muslim Iman that bashes the Burkari Hadith as not representative of the Muhammed that Most Muslim’s believe and follow. So I looked up what is the most accurate Hadith (there 40 of them!) Hadith about Muhammed. I found a blog where another Iman suggested that the Riyad Us Salleheen is the most accurate Hadith on Muhammed. So My question is have you or any member of the Acts17 ministry team have investigated this Hadith and verity whether if this is the most accurate Hadith on Muhammed? Here the Link: the english translation of the Riyad Us Saleeheen hadith - Google Search

This is innapropriate why. Is truth offensive now. U tube bias at work. Too late u tube i watched it. Im now aware ha ha ha. Go go dr david wood. The voice of truth. You have informed me and guess what u tube. I can choose not to listen to david. But truth rises to the top. Theres nothing u can do. If u censor too much people will disband u tube for another media engine. You silly goose. Im sam and i approve this message. But i know my spelling is off. But jesus will forgive me.

David wood your my hero

It turns out that it was a psychological operation meant to demonize muslims and continue the war narrative established particularly post 9/11. The entire event clearly involved “crisis actors” in their role in the realistic simulation training. (or that’s how it’s packaged to local authorities, who were, in large part, doing this to integrate their systems with the D.H.S.)

all people should know this and open there eyes…

key bod jadis try to flags it…

YouTube you are unbelievable…you’ll show someone naked getting a bikini wax, someone’s dead body, SJW videos violently attacking others, but God forbid someone challenge Islam.