Update on Islam in East Africa

Here’s an update after my trip to Africa.


U r a liar and the Prophet will most likely go to heaven and u will be the kindle in the fire.I AM A JIHADIST u nincomput

Focus on Nigeria , Ethiopia , Tanzania , Chad , Ivory coast …Protect the Christian bros & sisters there

Unless you know what truly jihad means this vedio is just nonsense well good luck with coming after him let see what you benefit from it

The hypocrisy of Islam. They’re all about minority rights when they are the minority. But when they’re the majority they have no regard for minority rights.

God bless you!

Samia Imran’s mother promised her daughter she would help. Instead she hired an assassin. The daughter’s crime? She sought a divorce for her own safety because her husband beat her constantly.

We need another Crusade against islam.

Trinity is the greatest joke ever… God, son of God n holy shit…

:+1:good information. They need training an a AK to fix the problem.

Islam = Devil

Vile, evil ideology

Haha your stupid lier islam will control the world

Your stupid jaw to manipulate Christians!!

Not fanna argue with you but those aren’t really not true Muslims there just those who give Muslims bad names but u wouldn’t understand

I know this video been out for quite sometime. But keep up the great work David. The world is counting on these truthful info about Islam & (false) prophet Muhammad.

Hello David, I’m a Ugandan too from Eastern Africa. I have a story to share with you but I don’t want to share it here publicly

Hi brother David, is there no end for all these atrocities against the Christians…??? What our Christian leaders are doing, leave alone the politicians…we sincerely hope, President Trump can do a lot. May Lord Jesus bless you and the President…

Get a life

God bless you David Wood! Thank you for bringing the Light and Power of Love that IS the heart of the one true living God into the world.