Update on My Brother Manny

Here’s a quick update on my brother Manny, who’s still in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Wise words from Master oogway

Okay, so you have two brothers that are addicted to drugs. I hope John’s doing better and I hope he is a good dad to his son. I haven’t found an update I’m trying to find one.

Hey brother, how’s Manny doing?

All the best

How did he loose his brain functions? From the OD? Or does he has some illnes?

2:00 Eye movement.
He definitely knows you’re poking his face

Funny and yet very encouraging words at the end! I do try to make the most of my life and seek to produce effects that will last for eternity (that is, helping people to see the truth of crhistianity and accepting Jesus as their savior to inherit eternal life).


This is abuse of a dead body

Haha David quoting master Oogway at the end, I love it!

Good thing to have brothers who love you.

It’s appointed unto man once to die. This was not his time. Unfortunately, it was for your mother.

This is one of the videos that made me change myself. I wach many videos with David. O Lord help us to do the right thing. To choose You. Amin .

We want a new update…

God heal your brother prays from pakistan

My respect!!!

david .stupid man.and dimon.

Did u just quote oogway

i just joined your channel and absolutely love your apologetic insite but I’m curious to know is your brother Manny still alive?

It is a precious gift❤️